Fishing Reports from Alto Parana, Argentina

The river is getting clearer by the day since the sun moved in and ushered away recent rains. Water temps are a bit warmer and levels are about back to normal—calling for longer leaders and lighter tippets. Big pira pita and dry-fly fishing are also back on the agenda! We’ve had good success sight-casting for… Read More>>>

Fishing Reports from Pira Lodge, Argentina

Since arriving at Pira Lodge mix-bag weather has kept us on our toes. When heavy rains raised the marsh by 3 feet the fish spread out and it was our job to find them. And so we did! The best fishing is still in Corrientes River, throwing large streamers on sinking lines. Another productive technique… Read More>>>

Rio Grande, EMB 2014/15 Season Fishing Reports

2015 season fishing reports for both Estancia and La Villa Maria Behety March 7-14, 2015:  La Villa Maria Behety Another good week came to an end at La Villa de Maria Behety. Walt W., Kelly W. Ryan M. all from the USA had their first experience fishing the Rio Grande. Phil D. from the UK,… Read More>>>

Rio Grande Villa Maria - 2015 Season Fishing Reports

Villa Maria Lodge – 2015 Season Fishing Reports Week: March 7-12, 2015 Finally the rain has arrived! The week started with the usual low-water conditions we’ve seen through Jan. and Feb., but by midweek it poured. In the headwaters it rained hard and the river swelled a couple of inches, got murky, and sent a… Read More>>>

Rio Grande, Kau Tapen - 2015 Season Fishing Reports

Kau Tapen Lodge – Fishing Report 2015 Season Week: March 7-13, 2015 My boyhood hero was Robert F. Scott, the famous Antarctic explorer from the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition to the South Pole. Those of you familiar with the story will recall Captain Oats, who stricken frostbite and realizing he was slowing down the group… Read More>>>

Providence Atoll - The Seychelles

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Providence Atoll is the newest and hottest venue we are currently offering in the Indian Ocean. Hardly visited, it is a fisherman’s paradise focusing on giant trevally, bluefin trevally, bumphead parrotfish, triggerfish and bluewater species.

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