Cameron Lodge (TDF - Rio Grande)

A Chilean Gem

A solid week fishing the same river is too monotonous for many, as they look to spice the package up a little with some other alternatives, species and locations. For decades this has remained a mere ‘desire’ as fishing on the Argentine side of the Rio Grande side could not offer such tangents, contingencies and luxuries.




Fishing a huge variety of waters on Tierra Del Fuego

Our package on the Chilean side of Tierra del Fuego offers huge benefits and adds a whole new dimension to our standalone sea trout packages on the Argentinean side. Firstly, the laws changes as you venture over the border, which opens up the Grande to night-time sea trout fishing, with explosive results! Secondly, the river has a lot of character on these reaches, and the terrain becomes a lot hillier, offering greater protection from the wind. Further to that, the river runs clearer, and fishing is almost always done on floating lines.

In addition, the river does not get affected as heavily from spates on the Chilean side, where a bad spate could put a stop to your fishing on the Argentine side – indeed, should the river get really high the Chilean side is able to draw on some contingencies and explore other waterways or lake systems, rather than losing out on your fishing, making it a safer bet for many.

Our Chilean package is a great deal more than just the Rio Grande. Whilst at the lodge, which has no set itinerary allowing you to pick and choose as the conditions dictate, you have access to some lakes that have brown trout, rainbow trout, sea trout and brook-char present. Further to that, there are also other river systems that the lodge has access to, some of which never get affected by rain etc. as they drains from lakes. To encapsulate; if you are looking for a little variety in your week on the island, then this is the one for you and at a great price.

A Friendly Comfortable Environment

Cameron Lodge offers a very friendly and intimate environment from which to enjoy and experience Tierra Del Fuego. From the comfortable single en-suite rooms through to bank side lunches, hearty evening meals, and breakfasts that really fill you up for the day ahead. There’s never a dull day with the staff at the lodge, who really give the finishing touch to the whole experience.

At present the majority of the staff and guides at the lodge are Chilean, many born and raised in the area with a wealth of information about the history, local area, wildlife etc. making Cameron Lodge much more than just another fishing trip.

A secret on the Rio Grande

In our relentless pursuit to find something to suit everyone we stumbled across a little gem of a lodge located just over the border in Chile at a very reasonable price. It remains largely unknown to travelers embarking on this magical island that the majority of the Rio Grande flows on the Chilean side, with this being the case up to and including the middle reaches of the river.

Destination Overview

Location: Cameron Lodge (TDF), Chile

Water Type: Freshwater

Capacity: 6 - single rooms

Season: Sea trout fishing prime is mid February and throughout March. Lakes fish well throughout the season.

Price: US$4,500 including fishing licence cost

Species: Brown Trout, Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Sea Trout

Activities & Amenities

Travel Tips

Cameron Lodge is 4 hours behind GMT and the flight to Buenos Aires takes approximately 13 hours. British Airways have a direct flight from London Heathrow T5, 7 days a week.

Internal flights to Rio Grande take approximately 3 hours followed by the transfer to Cameron Lodge which takes approximately 2-3 hours by land (excluding border crossing time).

A night in Buenos Aires is required both before and after the trip.

Visas are not required for British passport holders.

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