Pool surrounded by tropical plants
Accommodation Types

Learn about the various types of accommodations offered by Aardvark McLeod. These accommodations include lodges, resort hotels, and private villas. Learn more about the accommodations offered and find what out which is best for you and your family.
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Boy fishing near kayak
Things To Do

Traveling with Aardvark McLeod with your family is simply not about great fishing, but creating remarkable and treasured memories that will last forever. Discover the myriad of activities
that are offered to allow you and your family to explore your destination.
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Man teaching a child how to fish
When and Where

International climates are far different from what you might be used to, so it is critical to understand when is the best time to travel. Additionally, smaller and more remote locations book quickly. Find when and where to travel with Aardvark McLeod.
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Boy catches fish
What Now

Deciding where to travel with your family is only the start of planning for family holiday.
Ensure that you are properly prepared in advance of your trip. Gather important information concerning flights, meals, visa and health requirements, and how to book your trip.
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