Destination Overview
Destination: Laxa I Adaldal
Country: Iceland
Freshwater: River and stream fishing
Capacity: 8 per week
Season: Early July to Late August
Specialties: Not suitable for non-fishers
Species: Atlantic Salmon

Laxa I Adaldal

The largest Atlantic Salmon in Iceland and ideal for for double handed rods.

The Laxa I Adaldal or “big” Laxa as it is also known is located in the North of Iceland, approximately a 40 minute drive from Akureyri airport. It has a reputation as being THE big fish river of Iceland. Historically it was one of the first rivers in Iceland ever fished by foreigners, and although its catch statistics are not as impressive as they once were it still has a good average size of fish, most weeks producing salmon of over 20 lbs. Accommodation is the Nes Lodge which is superb, sporting eight bedrooms, most with en-suite bathrooms and some of the best food at any lodge in the world. The Chef is from the Holt hotel in Reykjavik and is simply sublime. There is an extremely comfortable sitting room with leather sofas ideal for relaxing at night while contemplating the day to come, and an excellent drying room located conveniently next to the front door.

The river is large and wide as the name dictates. Pools for the most part are grass banked, wide, and with a relatively even bottom. There are the intermittent lava shelves that drop away, hidden from someone reading the surface in turn creating some excellent lies. The river is deceptively clear as the bottom in most areas is black laval sand giving the impression of depth and murkiness which is extremely misleading. Therefore small flies are often extremely effective, and caution should be employed when approaching pools. There are some extremely dramatic beats such as the falls pool that features fishing from a cliff face on one side, allowing the angler to see the salmon moving to the fly before it goes over the lip…. to fight a fish here requires steely nerves and determination either ending in elation of a fish successfully manoeuvred up the pool, or tears as it disappears over the waterfall along with your line and backing.

The Laxa I Adaldal is an extraordinary river with huge character and is an excellent option for those looking for bigger fish in Iceland while at the same time enjoying comfortable accommodation and good food.
Client Comments:
"There is no where else in Iceland that offers such a fantastic chance of a salmon over 20 lbs in some of the most stunning surroundings. The guides and staff were highly skilled and the hospitality at the lodge is second to none. I look forward to returning again" L.R - UK

Travel Tips:
Iceland is 1 hour behind GMT and flying time from London is approximately 2 ½ hours plus transfer time.

Visa's are not required for British passport holders.

Please contact Aardvark McLeod with any questions or for booking information.