Rio Grande, Kau Tapen 2015 season fishing reports

Kau Tapen Lodge – Fishing Report 2015 season

Week 21 - 27 February, 2015
As you know, there’s always something to be learnt when fly fishing. So I’m wary when someone calls himself an absolute “expert"—unless that person is veteran KT guide Max Mamaev. He comes pretty close.

This week, we all learnt a few important things: the first being the positives that come from practicing new techniques before venturing as far as Tierra del Fuego. Our group of intrepid anglers from Nebraska did exactly that. None had cast a Spey rod before, so they went out and sought instruction, bought casting DVDs, and tested what they had learnt on their local river. What a massive difference that made! We gave them a few tweaks and adjustments, and they were casting well—and catching fish—from the get-go.

The fishing this week was marked by a continuation of technical, low water conditions. Although we did see a brief spike and slight water discoloration toward the end of the week. Overall, sea trout numbers were decent and all 9 rods caught fish over 15 lbs… the largest being a 22 lb-er.

Finally, we gave Gianni a special prize for his faithful patronage at Kau Tapen. This was his 22nd week!

Hope to see you on the water soon.

Week 14 - 20 February, 2015
Well that one went quickly! It seems like yesterday that the group arrived, and now I've just said goodbye. As they say, time is relative. Then again, I guess fishing is too.

Anyway, this week was definitely a quality over quantity week. Despite catching fewer fish than previous weeks, we landed 5 fish over 20lb this week. The largest being 23lb. The total landed fish for the week capped at 88 fish.

At the beginning of the week we had a good rain which despite soaking the ground, did little else to the river other than to discolour it, albeit fractionally and only for a few hours. The level might have gone up an inch or two, which was bit of a disappointment. I don't know where it all went to. Re-filled the beaver holes I guess.

It's getting colder everyday, the water being no exception. We've started getting more and more fish on larger flies, so if you're on your way here, don't forget to pack a couple leeches and sunrays.

See you on the water

Week 7 – 14 February, 2015
The weeks are flying by! And a melting pot of nationalities has joined us at Kau Tapen Lodge united by their love, or curiosity, of monster Patagonian sea trout. So far no one has left disappointed.

This past week, three Americans, two Norwegians, and six Brits got the full experience and entertained the guides with some great fishing and excellent company. Status quo tactics remain productive for now, with small Rubber-Legged Nymphs fished on long leaders during the day followed by fishing with larger Sunrays and leeches at night. Water temperatures have been getting colder, and the bigger flies are becoming more effective, inciting some aggressive takes. Despite the drop in water temperature, the Rio Grande is still on the low and clear side. It is however raining at the time of this writing, so let’s hope for a little bump.

Overall, 125 fish were landed this week, with top honors going to Jim Simcoke for the largest of the week at 18 pounds.

Hope to see you out here soon!

Week 1-7th February, 2015
So ends another week at Kau Tapen, but by all accounts it was not you’re average week. Mark Taylor from Mavungana Norway brought his Norwegian friends from all the way up there, to all the way down here. I’d been looking forward to this week as I know the crew well from guiding in Norway and I knew that it was going to be , well, fun as hell.

The Crew didn’t disappoint, and it didn’t take them very long to christen the lodges new hot tub in a spectacular show of partial male nudity.

But I’m sure you folks don’t want to hear too much about male bonding sojourns, so lets cut to the chase and talk about some fishing…

The river is still running pretty low, but running cold and clear. As with the last few weeks this meant an opportunity for some great technical fishing. Small heavy nymphs, and slow sink/ intermediate leaders and good presentations made all the difference. After sunset small Sunrays were fished with confidence and often produced three or four fish in the dying minutes of the day.

The final tally of the week was 135 fish landed, and another 25 lost after a short fight. The largest fish was a beautiful 21 lb Cock landed by Kristoffe Vasdal. It was sad to see the group leave this morning, my only consolation being I’ll see most of the guys in for the Salmon season this summer.

Week Jan 17-24, 2015

With another week gone at Kau Tapen, we are praying for rain. The Rio Grande is at an extremely low condition. In fact it’s the lowest water conditions we’ve seen here in a long time. At least in the last five years. Fishing however, is still okay.

Not as many fish were hooked this past week, but more landed then previous weeks since the season began. A total landed of 116 sea trout between 10 rods bumped the average up, and given the sunny conditions and low water everyone was happy. Rain is in the forecast and were experiencing showers as this is being written. With the old superstition in mind, we’re all looking for spiders to step on to bring some more rain.

Single hand rods are good for covering most pools at the moment with the use of the double hander in some wider areas. 12ft rods are the best choice at the moment, so if you’re getting ready to come, pack a shorter double hander with a skandinavian line.

Winds have been light and temperatures high. The water has been warm and ultimately the evening sessions have produced the most and bigger fish.

Guests Nichole Stroh and Mitchell Nelson both took home the fish of the week with two beautiful 17lb sea trout. Steady catches of 10-12lb fish are being reported daily. The average at the moment is about 7lbs. Lots of big fish have been showing up and the River is absolutely full of fish. We’re just waiting for the conditions to be optimal and the river should start pumping out fish. Let it rain!

Thanks to everyone in the last week for the great time and we’ll see you again next year.

Week 4 is currently under way and the fishing has been better.

Let it rain!
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