Fishing Rio Grande and TDF; which lodge to choose

WHICH LODGE? We firmly believe that if you like fishing for migratory or non-migratory fish then Tierra Del Fuego has something to offer everyone. This vast area is complimented by an array of lodge options and it can often be a case of gauging requirements and filtering accordingly. Just want to target sea trout and sea trout in large numbers? Sounds easy? To a degree it is, but again with such a choice how do you know which one will suit you best? Each one has its own character, as do we. Further to that, why go all that way just to target sea trout? We have new and exciting options to tag on as little as three extra days exploring new waters and different species (including brown trout, rainbow trout, brook char, steelhead and king salmon), all within easy reach and short transfer of the main Rio Grande lodges. The island has a lot more to offer, so let us guide you through them.

Here is a sample of what we have to offer. For more options contact Steffan Jones or phone 01980 847 389 and let us find the perfect fit.

Kau Tapen lodge
Kau Tapen is one of the finest fishing lodges in South America, if not the world. An amazing and exemplary service combined with a lodge environment that just oozes comfort in solitude. A world class guide team with access to the prime middle/lower reaches of the Rio Grande. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. A great option for the older or less mobile angler, those looking for superb service and comfort and for single anglers looking to team up with a group of like-minded individuals. A flagship property on the Rio Grande and often one that sets the standard for all to follow.

Villa Maria Lodge
From the same owners as Kau Tapen. Villa Maria is less formal, but service and comfort remains upmost. Villa Maria is located on the lower river and is better for those who prefer a slightly larger river and fishing with a double handed rod. Marginally better suited for the younger traveller and perfect for small groups or those travelling as a pair. Single rooms as standard and world class fishing. It is a great option early and late season and also in low water years where the lodge gets first access to the fish off the tide.

Estancia Maria Behety (La Villa and Lodge)
Two superb and well-appointed lodges both having access to an enviable amount of water on the middle and lower Rio Grande; the left hand bank of the Rio Grande where Kau Tapen and Villa Maria would be on the right. Superb value for money and both options offering something for everyone. Smaller, intact groups would find a perfect home at the exquisite and historical La Villa EMB where individual anglers or groups alike would enjoy the energy surrounding the EMB Lodge. These Lodges get more repeat clients from one season to the next than any other; with good reason.

Cameron Lodge
Fancy the idea of 10km+ of river per angler on the Rio Grande? Looking for a cheaper option? Fancy breaking your fishing week up by fishing some other rivers and lakes targeting a myriad of other species? Then Cameron Lodge on the Chilean side of the Rio Grande is for you. Not just for sea trout and sea trout in large numbers, but it is for those looking for beautiful surroundings, a comfortable lodge, lots of wildlife and great mixed fishing. Single rooms as standard and more fishing than you can really get around in a week all at nearly US$4,000 less than some other operations. In addition, short stays are available, so why not tag on three days after your stay at another lodge?

Many think that fishing on Tierra Del Fuego is the last frontier. However, you must travel across the Beagle Channel to gain that crown. Navarino is a Chilean owned Island immediately south of Tierra Del Fuego – it can be seen quite clearly across the sea from Ushuaia. We have exclusive access to a helicopter programme that takes you to the south side of the island where you can fish the most southerly rivers and lakes in the world – at 55.2 latitude! Here you will find brook char, rainbow trout, brown trout and even sea trout in totally pristine rivers and surroundings. It doesn’t get any wilder than this. This is one for the adventurous as hiking is necessary, but an incredible experience to be amongst the first to explore the fishing truly at the end of the world…

A great three day option before or after your stay on the Rio Grande.

Jurassic Lake
Not on Tierra Del Fuego, but found on the mainland in the province of Santa Cruz. However, with several daily flights from Ushuaia directly to Calafate it makes a great add-on to a stay on Tierra Del Fuego, especially with trips starting from five nights / four days.

THE place to go if you want to target wild, hard fighting rainbows that average around 8 lbs. In addition to the main lake, Lago Strobel or Jurassic Lake as it’s commonly known, there is also the Rio Barrancoso, an amazing river system that’s full of rainbows from eight ounces to double figures!
An amazing place and a must visit location. Fantastic lodge and superb service that is really well run.

Golden Dorado fishing
South America is a long way to travel for just one week’s fishing, so a great add on would be the golden dorado fishing in northern Argentina. This also enables you to see the north of the country and how strikingly different it is from Tierra Del Fuego. We have five options to choose from, including one day fishing trips out of Buenos Aires!

Dorado fishing is perfect for any age or experience level. Some cater for spin anglers too. This is a great place to take non-anglers with some locations offering very comfortable lodges and non-angling activities.

Some of the best wild brown trout fishing in the world…
South America offers some of the best and certainly some of the most underfished trout fishing in the world! A vast area covering famous rivers such as the Limay, Malleo, Collon Cura, Alumine, Chimehuin, to name but a few. World class fishing for resident trout set in stunning scenery. Catered from long established lodges that are well suited to anglers and non-anglers. Breath-taking scenery and fishing. One that every serious trout angler must visit. Often viewed as offering New Zealand quality fishing, but more numbers and less challenging fish…

Suitable for all ages and experience levels and also for non-anglers. Caters for short stays and combining lodges within a similar area is easy and advised.

Hosted weeks
We often take groups on exploratory weeks where we try and unearth a hidden gem. We also venture to the operations that are tried, tested and consistently offer world class fishing without compromise.

In 2015 we will be returning to Tierra Del Fuego and further afield so do get in contact to see what we have planned. This is a perfect opportunity for first time travellers or those that are travelling alone and would like some company. Best of all this service costs nothing more than the standard package, so it really is an added benefit.

For more information please contact Steffan Jones or phone 01980 847 389
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