Grimsa River, Iceland

Iceland; Two prime rods on Grimsa and Laxa I Kjos

Two prime rods have just become available on the Grimsá and the Laxá I Kjos. On the Grimsá the rod is available in the prime time of 5 – 8 July at the cost of £3,550 or £2,215 per person if it is shared. This highly consistent river is much sort after and space does not come up often. The other members of the party are from the UK.

10 – 13 July has also just become available on the Laxa I Kjos at the cost of £3,950 for the three days. This is right in the middle of prime time on the Laxa I Kjos when the runs are heading for their peak with fresh salmon coming in on every tide.

Get someone into salmon fishing? Free rod share
Have you ever wanted to take your other half or child and introduce them to salmon fishing? In 10 – 15 August on the Laxa I Kjos we have an incredible offer of buy one rod and share it for free. The Laxa I Kjos is the perfect place to teach someone about salmon fishing as it is more akin to trout fishing with light rods, small flies and a very visual experience.

Combined with extremely comfortable accommodation, excellent guides and short travel time it makes it perfect to share your passion with a loved one. The rod cost is £4,275 including transfers from Keflavik, and the rods share would normally be £900 for the five days offering a substantial saving.

If you would be interested in further details or an itinerary then please contact Peter McLeod or Alex Jardine alternatively call our office on +44(0) 1980 847389.
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