Costa Del Mar 580 LightWAVE lenses

Costa Del Mar 580 LightWAVE

This year I took out to the flats a pair of the new Costa Del Mar 580 LightWAVE lenses in Man-o-War black frames. Up to this point I have been using the copper Mirror 580 lenses and I thought it was going to be tough to beat them. I was wrong. The new 580 LightWAVE lenses are 100% polarised, 22% lighter in weight, and 20% thinner making them much more comfortable to wear but still the incredible vision of glass lenses.

Out on the flats I found that switching between the two the new lenses allowed me to see further, at more difficult angles due to the 100% polarised lenses and pick out fish that others could not see in the glare. Where they really excelled was in the low light conditions that we experienced in Los Roques this year, and on the flats I found them quite simply exceptional. Coupled with the Man-o-War frame that has removable side shields that cut out the side glare it was a whole new ball game for me. I would highly recommend having a pair of these in your arsenal; it is a long way to go and any unfair advantage that can be found to see more fish is worth it in my book.

The other little gadget that was a revelation on this trip was Costa Del Mar's lense wipes.The sinple throw away wipes come in a sealed packet perfect of rkeeping in your top pocket on the flats and are perfect for keeping the lenses free of salt scum and suncream allowing you to see with extreme clarity.