Los Roques, Venezuela - June 2014

June can be a month when your fishing slows down; we have had the excitement of the start of the trout season and the mayfly that have appeared in large numbers are slowing down (particularly on the southern chalk streams). In the South the chalk streams are also having their first big weed cut of the season.

This same time of year the flats of Los Roques are almost vacant of people yet they are still full of large hungry bonefish. In 2014 Alex Jardine will be hosting a group to Los Roques; this is a chance for anglers to target relatively unpressured bonefish and also tarpon, permit, snook and other species.

This trip is suited to anglers of all abilities. Alex will be on hand to offer any advice if necessary from casting styles to various knots. This is an excellent opportunity for those who are looking to make their first destination fishing trip or wishing to avoid single supplements. We have found that by joining a group of like-minded people your experience of a destination can be enhanced and more enjoyable.

This is a chance to fish one of the most diverse saltwater flats destinations in the world. The bonefish here average an impressive 3-4 lbs with many larger fish caught every year.

We have chosen this great tidal week in June as it will provide both great bonefishing and the prospect of chasing tarpon and large permit too.

Take a look at Alex's trip report from February 2013 here.

Please contact Alex Jardine or call +44(0) 1980 847389 for more details
  Los Roques
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