Carron Jetstream- Spey Casting

The Carron Jetstream Flyline

My recent trip to the Orkla and Stjordal rivers in Norway afforded me the opportunity to put the Carron Jetstream 75’ through its paces when coupled with my 15’sage TCR rod.

Carron are leading the way in the development of long bellied lines for distance Spey casting. One of the Carron team recently set a new world record cast of 73 yards using one of their lines clearly demonstrating what these lines are capable of in the right hands. Whilst in a fishing situation such distances are not really necessary, however on rivers such as the Orkla and Stjordal – similar in size to bigger sections of the Spey and Dee long casts are necessary and give the fisher the ability to cover more water.

The long belly allows less line to be stripped in between casts and provided the user is able to aeralise and form D loops with the larger amount of line necessary to load the road, they are ideal for making long casts. Carron make a number of lines with different head lengths. I found the 75’ head length suited my style comfortably – some of the longer headed lines would allow even more distance to be achieved.

On the big Norwegian rivers fishing surface flies such as the Sunray Shadow on floating lines, the long belly allows excellent line control and mending allowing the fly to be presented to the fish at just the right speed and angle. Casts of 40 yards and more can made with not too much effort and allow even the biggest pools to be covered properly.

I found the line to have a lovely finish and the thin running line made shooting line very easy. Whilst not everybody might have the ability to comfortably manage one of these lines – there is a shift towards shorter shooting heads; particularly when using sinking lines and heavy flies. For a floating line situation and someone who prefers the more traditional spey casting styles you would be hard pushed to find a line that competes with the Carron Jetstream in this arena.

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