We make a point of calling all our clients after they have returned from a trip as we are interested to see how it has gone. Apart from looking forward to hearing their fish stories (which we love!) we also find this is the best way to keep up to date with what is going on at our operations, news of improvements made since our last visit, and to ensure that our clients have been well looked after. It would also be unrealistic to think that every trip is going to run like clockwork as often things occur outside anyone’s control. It is in our interest to listen to this feedback, to understand where improvements can be made, and give similar feedback to the operators so they can improve their service for the future. Here you will find some of the comments made by our clients on their return as it is more important for us that you hear what they have to say.


"What a great experience that we will all keep in our memories of a lifetime. Hopefully, we can't wait to get back out there!" RV London, UK
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"Time and time again, I have returned to Alphonse; it is undoubtedly one of my favourite destinations." M.T. - UK

"Alphonse has remained at the top of my list for saltwater fishing for a decade, and everytime I go I fall in love with another species. It took me a couple of years to get trigger fish out of my system, and I am now a Milkfish fiend. The accommodation is second to none." V.R. - UK

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If you get the chance to fish this atolls you will be blown away by the sheer number of fish but be prepared for the GTs! I hope I have the chance to go back. DA, London
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If you get the chance to fish these remote atolls out in the Indian Ocean you will see mind-blowing numbers of fish, and these GTs fight like they look : mean, aggressive, powerful, and downright contemptuous of you, the angler. HG
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"the huge amount of flats and access to both Crooked and Acklins Island meant we constantly searched new water. The range of species we encountered was incredible." SJ, UK
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“Slovenia has by far and away been the best trip I have been on so far. It was the perfect trip for me with great diversity in the fishing from fishing the tiny upper canyon down to that huge marble trout in the larger river! The guide, Rok, was great he really knew the rivers and how to fish them. I cant wait to go back” Marcus B, UK
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"None of us had thought we would fish the first day so it was an extra treat! ... We had a great afternoon boating 17 Peacocks with the largest being 5+ pounds and we had three doubles (that is, we each had a fish hooked at the same time)...It was an excellent way to begin our trip!...We had a great adventure – truly a unique experience – of catching & releasing Peacock Bass on the fly rod. They are a beautiful fish that puts up a great fight! We thank everyone involved."
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"We had a fantastic trip! Playa Blanca was beautiful, the accommodation spacious and comfortable, the staff wonderfully friendly and helpful. The food was excellent. My wife had a thoroughly relaxing time and the fishing was brilliant." M.A - London

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“…the highlight of the trip was the 35 lb Taimen, the wild horses, the children with their rosy cheeks, ger-living, the camel herders, and the wide open spaces. All of this will stay in my soul for a very long time!” - P.B, USA

“…I am still thinking of Mongolia every day, it did turn out to be one of those good, simple, wild places to be, with big fish and like Argentina good sunny weather and few bugs. ” - B.S, USA

“Taimen fight like a big brown trout: dogged, boring deep, using the current, twisting turning and rolling, and they jump if you put on pressure.” - M A, UK

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"Bair's Lodge was an ideal choice for my trip back to the Bahamas. The food, guiding and accommodation are all excellent. Best fish for the week was an 8lb on an Andros Special." LBB, Norwich.
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"A challenging river that I enjoyed immensley. I have never seen so many fish that were coming into the sea pool, and I loved the diversity of fishing. Having caught over 110 fish for the week our group is looking forward to returning." D.N. - UK
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"Isla Holbox was beautiful, the accommodation spacious and comfortable, the staff wonderfully friendly and helpful. The food was excellent. My wife had a thoroughly relaxing time while I had a chance to fish for giant tarpon!" P.A - London
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