We make a point of calling all our clients after they have returned from a trip as we are interested to see how it has gone. Apart from looking forward to hearing their fish stories (which we love!) we also find this is the best way to keep up to date with what is going on at our operations, news of improvements made since our last visit, and to ensure that our clients have been well looked after. It would also be unrealistic to think that every trip is going to run like clockwork as often things occur outside anyone’s control. It is in our interest to listen to this feedback, to understand where improvements can be made, and give similar feedback to the operators so they can improve their service for the future. Here you will find some of the comments made by our clients on their return as it is more important for us that you hear what they have to say.


"Awesome... bonefish like baracuda and good numbers of them. Caught my record bonefish consecutively on the first five, largest being over 10 lbs! What and adventure!" J.T. - UK
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If you get the chance to fish these remote atolls out in the Indian Ocean you will see mind-blowing numbers of fish, and these GTs fight like they look : mean, aggressive, powerful, and downright contemptuous of you, the angler. HG
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"Farqhur Atoll was way above any expectations I had for saltwater fishing. I had my first encounter with a GT which nearly tore my arms off! The guides were exceptional and food and acommodation great" J.T. - UK
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"Time and time again, I have returned to Alphonse; it is undoubtedly one of my favourite destinations." M.T. - UK

"Alphonse has remained at the top of my list for saltwater fishing for a decade, and everytime I go I fall in love with another species. It took me a couple of years to get trigger fish out of my system, and I am now a Milkfish fiend. The accommodation is second to none." V.R. - UK

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"The Turneffe atoll is so vast, it is easy to believe you are the only people out there fishing".
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"Fishing with Henry is a totally unique experience - a combination of total enthusiasm and in depth technical knowledge of how these fish feed and exist." AS, UK
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Outsize bonefish, milkfish, bluewater stuff, you name it, this remote part of the Indian Ocean has got the lot. HG
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"Icland salmon fishing at its best, most fish we encountered were multi sea winter and this river was ideal for our small party.. can't wait to go back!" T.P. Scotland
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"I caught my best salmon in Iceland of nearly 20 lbs on a size 16 hitched red Francis on a single handed rod. The crowning achievement for me!" - NM, Hampshire
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From the operators; "What we are really excited about is the vast area remaining unfished or properly scouted."
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"Absolutely Awesome! Some of the best trout fishing I have ever done, and the fish are so strong!" - H.T., UK

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"One of the most exciting salmon rivers I have ever fished. I found a little like trout fishing for salmon and was hugely enjoyable, I look forward to returning" - T.B, England

"Unbelievable! The lodge and the guiding were excellent along with the numbers of fish. I will never fish in Scotland again as it would just be a dissapointment." - M.I, England

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