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The autumn and winter rains are doing a world of good to our chalk aquifers and it won’t be long until we are witnessing the famous mayfly hatch when chalkstream fly fishing. Many of the beats have been put to bed for the winter and the brown trout are being left alone to go about… Read More>>>

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Mongolia is the home of the world’s largest salmonid, the taimen. An aggressive predator it offers some of the most exciting fly fishing opportunities in the world in the most stunning wilderness settings. Along with taimen the Mongolian operations also offer great fly fishing for lenok trout, grayling, Amur pike and Amur trout. The 2019… Read More>>>

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The pull of taimen fly fishing in Mongolia is too strong for Alex Jardine to shake. Stunning scenery, rich culture and, of course, an amazing fishing experience await. In September 2020 Alex is looking to head to the Onon River to host a trip on the Lower River Expedition. It is a trip designed for… Read More>>>

With the autumn season upon us we will once again be running a one day Grayling Fly Fishing Master class. A wonderful chance for new and experienced anglers to grow their knowledge. These days are a great option if you are looking to improve certain areas of your fly fishing from entomology through to casting… Read More>>>

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Russia’s eastern peninsula, Kamchatka, is the apex of modern trout dry fly fishing; an adventure of the purest kind, across vast wilderness and rivers that teem with wild trout. The landmass of Kamchatka stabs south from mainland Siberia, slicing into the Bering Sea just west of Alaska. Its jagged coastlines are lapped by fish-rich waters, its… Read More>>>