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Pirarucu, is the first and only exclusive fly-fishing only project allowed and supported by Brazilian Government with focus on Arapaima. Environmental Officials worked together with the local Association to create these very first official sport fishing operations in Brazil. October 9th to 13th Water Conditions The water levels came up some during the week and… Read More>>>

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Fishing for payara (vampire fish) at Xingu River in Brazil. The Xingu river sport-fishing project is located in the spectacular rainforest wilderness territory of the Kayapo indigenous people in south eastern Amazon of Brazil. The Xingu River arises in the woodlands-savanna (cerrado) and transitional forest of northern Mato Grosso and flows north through the dense,… Read More>>>

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Fishing Kendjam in Brazil for peacock bass, wolf-fish, pacu and more. Jungle Fly Fishing at Kendjam in Brazil Kendjam offers an experience like no other. Fishing in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest, targeting a myriad of different species on the fly – from peacock bass and pacu through to wolf-fish and vampire-fish. Kendjam is… Read More>>>

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Arapaima fly fishing Brazil Pirarucu Lodge Pirarucu Lodge is a unique and ground-breaking model that opens the door to the angling community to access previously unfished water. From its beginnings, each project is developed in complete cooperation with and endorsement by the local communities. This project purpose is to create a sustainable way to develop new… Read More>>>

Have you ever wanted to fly fish for big tarpon? As in R-E-A-L-L-Y big tarpon……well, look no further. Tapam Lodge in the Nicaraguan jungle started with a bang in 2019. We seriously doubt that there is any place in the world today where you have a greater chance of catching a really big tarpon on… Read More>>>