Clearwater River

Experience Fly fishing on the Clearwater River

Discover the adventure and excitement of fly fishing for steelhead on the world famous Clearwater River river in Idaho. There is approximately 75 miles of river to fish with three boats on the upper half and three on the lower half.

Cast for Trophy Steelhead Fish

Each day you will be picked up by the guide team and head out on to the river with a drift boat. You will have the opportunity to float a variety of sections of river through the week; some will be more productive than others and fishing will be concentrate on the more productive areas. The runs are more than long enough to hold several anglers and even if fished from both sides the river is big enough not to feel crowded. August is warm and sunny, but the river is high and cold due to the snowmelt from the mountains.

As September moves into October the river will stabilize, and the risk of a flooding is very small. Temperatures will start to drop, but still floaters or intermediate tips are ideal. Steelhead are spooky fish and will stick to the bottom if it’s to bright. Dry fly fishing for steelhead is probably the culmination of a fisherman’s careers and incredible sport but very challenging. To see a steelhead take a dry fly off the surface is something truly special so remember some wakers or bombers.

When the October Caddis is hatching the steelhead can go crazy over a skated rust/brown. In November the upper section of the river comes into play where the river is shallow and the flows are slower than the lower part below the confluence of the north and the middle fork of the Clearwater.

Modern Amenities

Accommodation is at the Best Western Orafino Hotel that overlooks the river. Choose from a standard room or one of four suites, all facilities you would expect from a modern hotel. Be sure to sit outside for breakfast or a cocktail on the wonderful confluence patio that’s directly on the river.

Guests can also enjoy an indoor heated pool, a hot tub, a 24-hour exercise facility, free parking. This lodge’s location is perfect fisherman’s paradise. Nestled between the Clearwater River and Lewis and Clark Trail, guests can partake in boating, hiking, golfing, sailing and many more outdoor activities when not fishing.

One of America’s Best Rivers

The Clearwater River is in north central Idaho and flows westward from the Bitterroot Mountains, along the Idaho-Montana border, joining the Snake River at Lewiston. It is the largest tributary of the Snake River, despite the Salmon River being longer and draining a larger area.

There are two separate runs of steelhead that migrate up the Idaho rivers. The fish running up the Clearwater usually spend two years in the ocean starting their migration to Idaho later in the summer or fall of the year (usually late August or September).

Due to the additional year and summer feeding in the ocean these fish return much larger. Average steelhead weigh between 10 and 13 pounds and are 31 to 34 inches long.

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