Harrison Homestead

Montana is synonymous with fly-fishing

For many, Montana is synonymous with fly-fishing. Blessed with miles of rivers, streams and lakes, Montana offers the angler unrivalled fly-fishing opportunities for wild rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout. Whether you are floating down the Yellowstone, Boulder, or Stillwater rivers, or simply wading your way up Montana’s famous Depuy’s, Armstrong’s, or Nelson’s spring creeks. Harrison Homestead in Montana offers a wonderful variety of fishing waters which provide a world-class angling experience for anglers of all skill levels.


The waters of Yellowstone are well known for their prolific hatches of caddis, mayflies, stoneflies, and terrestrials. The trout here are some of the wildest, hard-fighting trout found in Montana. The guides will make each day on the river a special one, filled with great lunches served on the banks and great conversation about fishing and life.

During your visit to Harrison Homestead you will fish the famed Yellowstone, the Boulder, the Stillwater, the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, and, of course, a few secret spots we have discovered over the years.

The operation is designed for small groups which allows for optimal flexibility. Each day your group will be able to choose from any one of many fishing options. This flexibility allows anglers to relax and fish according to their own schedule. Montana offers a great collection of fishing water for the travelling angler and probably offers the best dry-fly fishing for trout in the United States. When considering where to fish, it pays to fish with people who have spent their entire lives in Montana.

“The Harrison Homestead was a refreshing approach to fishing in Montana – great food, great accommodation and of course great fishing. It felt just like home.” J.M., Boston, US

the Harrison Homestead

Harrison Homestead, the oldest home in Sweetgrass County and is listed on the National Historic Register. Recently renovated, the homestead accommodates six anglers in western elegance and is a wonderfully comfortable and relaxing place to spend a few days fishing in Montana. All meals will be cooked by their professional chef and will be served in the homestead’s cozy dining room.

an endless supply of small mountain streams

Harrison Homestead ranch is located on the banks of the Yellowstone and offers a mile of private access to wade fishing on the Yellowstone. From the ranch, you can fish the Yellowstone, Boulder, and Stillwater Rivers, the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, and an endless supply of small mountain streams.

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