Navarino Explorer

Fishing from Navarino island

Many believe that the fishing opportunities in South America end when you reach Tierra Del Fuego. However, this is certainly not the case with Island of Navarino left largely unexplored yet boasting several watersheds teaming with life.

On our first exploratory trip we encountered brown trout, rainbow trout and brook char in healthy number and all taking the fly readily. With further research sea trout would be encountered as the system and area is a perfect blueprint for them.

This is a truly unique experience so why not be one of the first to explore the area and partake in the adventure?

“A unique experience that I’m still finding difficult to absorb. It really is an experience that will take your breath away. Amazing to see Cape Horn in the distance too. It doesn’t get more remote than this.” P.Todd – Bristol

Puerto Williams

Accommodation will be at Puerto Williams, where you will return each evening with trips to the rivers and lakes each day being done via helicopter. There are no roads leading to these rivers and lakes making helicopters the only viable mode of transport. This also helps portray the remoteness of the area and how rare an opportunity this is.

Southerly rivers

The rivers and lakes are quite literally the most southerly rivers in the world where trout can be targeted and caught – Rio Navarino, which flows out of Lago Navarino, flowing out towards Cape Horn on the South side of the Island, is located at around 55.2 degrees latitude. This can be compared to the likes of the southernmost point of New-Zealand that is located at a respectable 46.6 degrees, with Rio Grande on TDF at 53.8 degrees.

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