River Anton – Chalkstream Fly Fishing

Prolific fly life and wild brown trout

One of the four main tributaries feeding the River Test, the River Anton is a short chalkstream of some seven miles in length rising to the north of Andover and joining the River Test just below the riverside garden of the renowned Mayfly pub. The River Anton is great for those looking for a more challenging alternative to the River Test.

Classic chalkstream fishing for wild brown trout

The main River Anton is joined by the Phillhill Brook or Little Ann just below the A303 to the south of Andover; from this point onwards the river is very attractive. The river runs through old water meadows grazed by sheep but with some sheltered wooded sections. Most of the beats are very varied some with wide shallows while others have narrower faster water. All the beats have reasonable access and can be fished by either one or two rods.

Invertebrate life is prolific with good hatches of all the up winged flies. The trout season on the River Anton opens in mid-April in time to catch the Hawthorn hatch and runs through until the first week in October, grayling fishing continues until 31st December. The River Anton is very similar to the River Test but on a much smaller scale.