Charles Jardine, a host for Aardvark McLeod, will be raising money to support his Fishing 4 Schools programme in September by way of a themed dinner at Hurdcott House.

Each year 35,000 young people in the UK leave school without qualifications and skills, lacking any motivation, self-esteem or drive. Six years ago, Charles Jardine set up Fishing 4 Schools which is entirely funded by The Countryside Alliance Foundation, the charitable arm of the Countryside Alliance. In a nutshell, Fishing 4 Schools runs courses to over 350 of these young people bringing angling into schools, broadening skills and confidence, teaching them to fish and at the same time vital life skills and more mainstream subjects alongside. The results have been astounding and have far surpassed my expectations.

In short, it costs £130,000 to change 900 young lives. By kind permission of George and Lucilla Stephenson we are holding a relaxed, ‘fishy goings on’ themed dinner in a marquee in the garden at Hurdcott for 250 people on Saturday 21st September 2013 with the aim of funding Fishing 4 Schools for 2013. At present, just over 30 courses are run annually throughout England and Wales.

For more information please contact Alex Jardine or call +44(0)1980 847389.