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INTERNATIONAL FLY FISHING SPECIALISTS ICELAND IcelandFor the last decade we have strived to bring the very best that Iceland has to offer to our clients. We have learned to navigate the ever changing landscape of Icelands salmon and trout fishing constantly evolving our knowledge through personal experience. River leases change hands often river statistics fluctuate but the people behind the companies that operate them remain the same. These are the relationships that we concentrate on many of whom we are lucky enough to call friends. Iceland is a remarkably unique country to fish. For a salmon or trout angler there are never ending opportunities for new experiences. We deem the portfolio we present to you to be the very best of what Iceland has to offer for both salmon and trout fishing. Matched with our expert knowledge and discussions we can tailor the perfect trip to suit you. We have no financial investment in any operation and are therefore giving you a totally unbiased view. Unless stated otherwise all operations in Iceland are sold in three day slots which can easily be bolted together and are based on a single room with twin beds in case you wish to rod share. We hope that you will be as inspired by Iceland as we are. SALMON FISHINGWhen talking of global salmon fishing many ask why we have such a passion for Iceland. There are greater numbers to be found on Russias Kola Peninsula and certainly larger salmon in northern Norway. We think the answer lies in the method. The experience is visual the tackle used is very light and the rivers of Iceland not only offer consistency ease of travel and huge variety but also that it is often possible to watch as a salmon rises in the water column and hits a fly off the surface. Many salmon fishermen over the years have found this experience to be the thrill they have been searching for. To begin with we just want to catch one. Then we want to catch a lot of them. The next challenge is to then catch a really large fish. Finally the true essence of salmon fishing emerges which is the take. This becomes the all-encompassing experience that drives us to make that pilgrimage every year. Iceland is the land of the take. Over the last decade we have grown a portfolio of Icelandic salmon rivers that are all very different but offer the opportunity to experience that enchanting mystery. There are rivers to suit all preferences. It may be using a single handed 7 and casting out a size 16 hitched Red Frances to a pod of silver fish or using a two hander to deliver a two inch Sunray Shadow two a multi-sea wintered fish. You will find that all these rivers have something in common as the water is so clear it is often possible to see the fish in the river see their behaviour towards the fly and often the moment that the fish commits to taking it. The next few pages will take you through some of the finest salmon rivers from around Iceland and what they have to offer each angler both in terms of fishing and also lodging. The Lang is 36 km long with 93 named pools. Located in the same area as Nordur it is a typical Icelandic salmon river offering technical fishing with small flies. This river has been fished by the British since the early 1900s and has had a huge amount of work done to it in terms of fish ladders and other devices to improve its course for salmon to run. To make all the pools accessible roads have been built so fishermen can drive to within 50 yards of every pool. Therefore young and old anglers can safely and with ease enjoy fishing all the pools. The river represents classic Icelandic salmon fishing as the hard laval rock bands have created fantastic pools and runs. As the river originates in Lake Langavatn it always has a dependable flow of water and is one of the few Icelandic rivers that is truly consistent in a dry summer. LANG WHEN The season runs from 22nd June to 24th September with mid-July to early August considered prime time. PERFECT FOR Single handed fishing good vehicle access to most pools easy wading and consistent catch returns. LODGE The lodge Langrbyrgi is built on a cliff 6 km from the ocean overlooking the river and recently had an extension added to provide single occupancy ensuite rooms. Although not fancy it is functional with drying room sauna Wi-Fi and excellent food. COST FROM 2080 per person The Grms is one of Icelands most beautiful fly fishing rivers and is one of a few in Iceland that has tradition stamped all over it. It was frequented by British lords and generals as early as the late nineteenth century and whilst as with most of Icelands rivers today it is primarily a grilse river during those early days the Grms was famous for its monsters. The medium sized river is easily fished with single handed rods although given that Iceland is often windy a small double handed rod should be available as well. The river is fly only water with a voluntary and widely practiced catch and release system. The expected catch is between 1100-1500 salmon to just eight rods each season. Due to the cascading waterfalls and large pools the grilse tend to be slightly larger and more powerful than in neighbouring rivers. The Grms also has a substantial run of sea trout that can be caught both early and late in the season. GRMSWHEN The season runs from 25th June to 21st September with mid-July to mid-August considered prime time. PERFECT FOR Consistent catch statistics single handed and switch rods fine food easy access to pools and good sea trout later in the season. LODGE The famous lodge is full of character overlooking Laxfoss. It is spacious and comfortable with single occupancy ensuite rooms drying room hot tub Wi-Fi and great views. COST FROM 2960 per person Lax I Kjos has always been fished by the international elite and very quickly built a fantastic reputation as one of the worlds best small salmon rivers. It is considered to be one of the most technical salmon rivers in Iceland and if you have a passion for fishing small flies and hitching then the Lax I Kjos will become your playground. It is not only grilse caught here despite its size as every year a number of large salmon are landed. Through the season between six and ten rods are permitted on the river and the river has over 100 marked pools. The river is blessed with gorgeous falls currents rapids and chasms. The mid-section is the most unusual as often it is possible to see incredible numbers of fish layered in pools which in the right circumstances makes for amazing fishing. The river has a reputation for large sea trout up to 15 lbs that start to run at the end of July along with the Bugda tributary for variety. LAX KJS WHEN The season runs from 25th June to 21st September with mid-July to mid-August considered prime time. PERFECT FOR Single handed fishing easy access to most pools excellent sea trout fishing as well as salmon Bugda as a separate river outstanding lodge. LODGE The lodge is very comfortable with single occupancy ensuite rooms. The dining room overlooks the river with top quality chefs from Reykjavik preparing fantastic food. There is a drying room tackle shop and Wi-Fi. COST FROM 2640 per person Located on the north west coast of Iceland the Mifjarar is the perfect choice for those who like to use single handed rods with a floating line. Due to the gin clear water the clarity is amazing and fish will often be spotted lurking in the depths or coming to intercept your fly. The majority of the salmon run would be between 4 8 lbs but the Mifjarar does produce a good head of double figure salmon in the 18 lbs range. The river has over 200 named pools fished by a maximum of just ten rods rotated over five beats along with an enviable international guide team. It is a true Icelandic gem that keeps producing the goods even in low water years and offers fantastic hitched fly fishing with visual fishing being the Mifjarars forte. MIFJARAR WHEN Season runs from 23rd June to 28th September with large fish entering the river from the end of June to early July. Mid-July to mid-August is considered prime time. PERFECT FOR Clear water hitching in stunning surroundings single handed rods consistent catch returns and opportunities for larger salmon. LODGE Modern lodge ensuite single rooms. There is a large dining area sitting rooms bar drying room tackle shop Hot tub and high speed Wi-Fi. The lodge has excellent chefs ensuring the food compliments the fishing. COST FROM 2500 per person As Icelands top producing natural river Nordur averages 2500 salmon a season to its 12 rods and has over 100 named fishing pools on its 65 km length. The river offers an incredibly diverse fishing experience along with some of the most dramatic scenery. The lower river offers a steep canyon with wonderful fly water and salmon lies the middle section features wide Rio Grande-like bends with twisting gravel pools. Fishing the upper section focuses on technical rock pools and runs. Being a wider river than some of its neighbours it lends itself well to small double handed rods as well as single handers and remains particularly consistent through poor water conditions. Early season can see some good runs of multi-sea wintered fish in the powerful snowmelt waters. As the season progresses the water level drops and the grilse runs push into the river in good numbers. NORURWHEN Season runs from 5th June to 5th September with the end of June to the beginning of August considered prime time. PERFECT FOR Small two handed rods larger parties high catch returns fine food spectacular scenery one hour from Reykjavik. LODGE The lodge can accommodate twelve fishermen in single occupancy rooms with ensuite facilities. The lodge is equipped with a sauna hot tub drying room Wi-Fi and a cooling area for the fish. The service and food at the lodge are of top quality. COST FROM 2500 per person Haukadals is an exclusive five rod salmon river located approximately 150 km northwest of Reykjavk. The river flows into Breidafjord and is surrounded by a number of other famous salmon rivers. The river is medium sized and with only five rods fishing over eight kilometres there are over 40 named pools in which salmon are plentiful. The pools are unusually long with many riffles which encourage salmon to hold on their journey to the top. Haukadals rarely gets hit with extremely low water like her neighbouring rivers due Lake Haukadalsvatn at the headwaters which ensures that water levels remain steady even in periods of drought. HAUKADALS WHEN Season runs from 10th June to 15th September with mid-July to mid-August considered prime time. PERFECT FOR Single handed fishing clear water hitch fishing intact groups and good numbers of fish. LODGE The lodge has five single occupancy rooms each with ensuite facilities and full service with excellent chef. It has a drying room Wi-Fi hot tub and a sauna. COST FROM 2900 per person For the last six years the catch statistics have exceeded six fish per rod per day on this remarkable river. When first viewed from the road it has a humble aspect the 14 km of private fishing from Laxvatn to where it joins the Vatnsdals are some of the most productive in the country. The current is placid flowing though fertile pastures except higher up where the river is squeezed through hard rock bands. The water colour has a slight tinge to it hiding the salmon well and instilling a false sense of security. This could be why the fish on Lax sum are so incredibly aggressive and will readily take hitched tubes and micro flies. The river is a fly fishermans paradise and most of the 50 named pools are short and dont take long to fish. The average catch since 1974 is 1028 salmon per year equating to over six fish per day per rod over the 80 day season which is just staggering. LAX SUM WHEN The season runs from 15th June to 15th September with July 5th to August 15th considered prime time. PERFECT FOR Private river to two rods high catch statistics single handed fishing with micro hitch tubes and char fishing. LODGE The lodge has four large rooms with ensuite bathrooms a large living area and drying room. It is fully equipped with large living areas hot tub and Wi-Fi. Excellent food is prepared by the lodge chef. COST FROM 15000 for two rods The Lax I Dlum is a medium sized river with a fair volume of water flowing down a rocky bed with alternate pools and runs. This river is famed for its large stock of fish and numerous multi sea-winter salmon caught every year. Many pools are deep and very clear like many Icelandic rivers often allowing anglers to see salmon holding and targeting specific fish. All the pools are easily accessible by car and present little difficulty to fish. Some of the strong holding pools are formed by a bend in the river having fast broken water at the head a turbulent middle section and a smooth tail. The river offers a nice mix of one and two winter salmon throughout the season over 25 km containing 33 named pools. Pools created by hard rock bands can produce some fascinating topography resulting in extremely exciting sight fishing. LAX DLUMWHEN The season runs from 1st July to 25th September with mid- July to mid-August considered prime time. PERFECT FOR Small groups single handed fishing easy access to most pools easy wading consistent catch returns multi sea-winter fish. LODGE Accommodation is in a fully serviced lodge featuring six single occupancy rooms each with ensuite bathroom a comfortable dining and sitting area sauna and the customary three course gourmet dinners. COST FROM 2150 per person The Htar is another of the countrys best-known salmon rivers. Though an average sized river it has a long and remarkable fishing history dating back to when British gentry started fishing in Iceland. Htar is a typical Icelandic river with complex currents clear pools small flies and technical fishing over its 29 km. The river accommodates six rods on the main salmon section and is ideal for private parties. The close proximity of the pools to the lodge offers a unique atmosphere for a close knit group. A single handed rod or a really light double handed rod are ideal here and anglers are rewarded with quite a number of fish over the 7 lbs mark. The upper stretch is quite wild and apart from a good number of salmon caught up here towards the end of July there is excellent Arctic char and trout fishing. HTAR WHEN Season runs from 20th June to 20th September with mid-July to mid-August considered prime time. PERFECT FOR Small groups single handed fishing easy access to most pools easy wading consistent catches multi sea-winter fish consistent water flow. LODGE The historic lodge at Htar accommodates six rods in a variety of room types and overlooks Breidina one of the rivers pools. It has a drying room and can be taken self- catering or fully serviced. COST FROM 2300 per person The Lax I Adaldal or big Lax as it is also known has a reputation as being THE big fish river of Iceland. Historically it was one of the first rivers in Iceland ever fished by foreigners and most weeks of the season produce salmon of over 20 lbs. Pools for the most part are grass banked wide and with a relatively even bottom. There are the intermittent lava shelves that drop away hidden from someone reading the surface which in turn create excellent lies. The river is deceptively clear as the bottom in most areas is black laval sand giving the impression of depth which is extremely misleading. Small flies are often extremely effective and a delicate approach is best. LAX AALDAL WHEN Season runs from 1st July to 20th September with late-July to mid-August considered prime time. PERFECT FOR Multi sea-winter fish two handed rods floating lines excellent food easy access to pools with easy wading. LODGE Steeped in history the comfortable Nes Lodge has eight bedrooms most with ensuite bathrooms drying room Wi-Fi and some of the finest food of any lodge in Iceland. COST FROM 2100 per person Svalbars is one of Icelands premier big fish rivers. It is a three rod catch and release only river averaging in the region of 450 fish per year. The river exhibits classic pools starting with fast runs and opening out into smooth tails. It is one of the secret gems of Iceland fished year in and year out by a dedicated following. This river is one of only a handful that can be taken privately and that catches large multi-sea winter fish. The prime salmon fly fishing section is approximately 17 km and requires a little walking so is not advisable for those who are not able to walk between adjacent pools and is unadvisable for those less mobile. The river begins to fish well in mid July with the first good runs of extremely aggressive fresh salmon averaging approximately 10 lbs. The runs reach their peak in the first weeks of August but the fishing continues to be good into early September. SVALBARS WHEN Season runs from 1st July to 14th September. Mid to late July is a great time to target larger fish with the first weeks in August considered prime time for numbers. PERFECT FOR Private groups multi sea- winter fish fishing with single handed or small two hander rods in spectacular pools. LODGE Svalbars Lodge is a traditional small lodge recently built. The rooms are ensuite and it can be taken self- catering or fully serviced. COST FROM 4500 per person Hofs is one of the two major Vopnafjordur rivers the other being the famous Sel. The river has a long canyon on the top beats a dramatic impassable falls and a string of challenging pools as the river thunders down the canyon. But once the canyon ends the river turns into an almost endless string of long slow flowing pools each one seeming more enticing and inviting than the last one. Hofs is one of the best multi sea- winter fish rivers in Iceland and the average weight is excellent with good numbers over 20 lbs. Conservation practices have been so well implemented that there is a huge proportion of returning multi sea-winter fish. It is one of the Icelandic elite rivers and so consumes its visitors that they wish to return every year. HOFS WHEN Season runs from 25th June to 25th September with late July and August considered prime time. PERFECT FOR Single handed fishing clear water hitch fishing multi sea winter fish. LODGE The Arhvammur lodge is extremely comfortable with seven single occupancy ensuite rooms drying room Wi-Fi excellent service and some of the best food at any lodge in Iceland. COST FROM 3500 per person West Rang is one of the best known salmon rivers in Iceland and 90 km south west of Reykjavik. Known not only for its beauty and great variety of fishing pools but also for the high volume of salmon caught there every year. West Rang usually ends as the most productive river in Iceland each season the present 5 year average is well over 5000 fish to 20 rods. Stability is why West Rang produces such high numbers of salmon per rod per day. It never has low water and seldom if ever is coloured due to flooding and heavy rains. The headwaters of West Rang are near the foot of the spectacular Mount Hekla. This entirely spring fed source is responsible for both the consistent water temperature and flow. The river is best fished with double handed rods and unlike most of Iceland the salmon are often best fished with larger flies and sometimes various sink-tips or full sinking lines. WEST RANGWHEN The season runs from 24th June to 10th October with 5th July to 20th August considered prime time. PERFECT FOR High catch statistics traditional two handed rods long season larger groups or single anglers. LODGE West Rang lodge has 18 newly single occupancy rooms with ensuite bathrooms. One main building houses the kitchen and spacious dining area where gourmet meals are served overlooking one of the most productive pools on the river. The lodge has a drying room and Wi-Fi. COST FROM 2980 per person Although better known for its salmon fishing Iceland has forged a name for itself as one of the worlds top wild brown trout destinations. There are rivers home to dry fly hungry browns of up to 10 lbs even 20 lbs in some cases and lakes where fish of 30 lbs are landed each year. This geographically young and unique landscape is still very much being carved and shaped year on year by natural forces. One such force are the 100s of streams and rivers that pour over large masses of irregularly shaped igneous rock to find their way to the waters of the North Atlantic. It is in part thanks to the large amount of volcanic rock that the fish grow so large the water is filtered to crystal clear purity with the addition of plenty of minerals allowing the fish and their food to thrive. The short Icelandic summers see the trout feed hard preparing for the next long winter ahead of them. It is at that time that we the trout angler can capitalise on their voracious appetite. Early season on the rivers and lakes the fish are actively hunting sub-surface for nymphs and baitfish. With the onset of mid-summer and 24 hour daylight the fish soon find their way to the surface and gorge on midge and bibio. It does not take fish long each season to build up a strength and energy unlike trout found anywhere else. Cock fish will leap multiple times and scream 100 yards in a single run whilst hen fish dig deep causing your line to sing in the breeze. The next few pages will take you through some of the wonderful trout rivers and streams that we offer. Whether you are looking for big fish or to catch lots of fish there is a trout river for all anglers in Iceland. TROUT FISHING Laxardal is the lower of the two sections on the upper valley of the Laxa I Adaldal. Spanning 12 km it represents perhaps some of the finest wild brown trout fishing in Europe. The river is wide and shallow and not dissimilar to flats fishing as you wade out and cast at rises. Like the salmon beats below the river bed is a contrast of black sand punctuated with laval rock creating superb lies for large brown trout. These Ice age fish have a large average size of 4 lbs but unlike trout in other areas of the wold they remain insect feeders. Every year numerous 5-7 lbs trout are caught with the occasional 8-9 lbs fish making an appearance. Some Icelanders fish with streamers but upstream dry fly and nymph tactics are considerably more effective. Although there are none of our normal variety of biting mosquitoes in Iceland they do have a number of other chronomids that the trout feed on readily. The trout have only a few short months of the Icelandic summer to feed as much as possible so they really feed hard below or above the surface. LAXRDAL WHEN Season runs from 1st June to 31st September with the end of June to the beginning of August considered prime time for dry fly fishing. PERFECT FOR Trout aficionados hunting large wild brown trout upstream dry fly and nymph fishing single fisherman as well as groups. LODGE Laxardal is serviced from Raudholar Lodge which is a modern Scandinavian style lodge looking out over the broad river. The lodge has twelve rooms and provides full board and lodging for those fishing the lower beats. It has a drying room sauna hot tub and Wi-Fi. COST FROM 1500 per person Myvatnssveit is the upper of the two sections on the upper valley of the Laxa I Adaldal that flows directly out of Lake Myvatn. The section is 12 km and broken into beats that accommodate between two to three rods. These upper beats are wonderfully braided with fast runs small pockets and crystal clear water. Pools for the most part are grass banked wide and with a relatively even bottom. The laval shelves create wonderful lies for large trout to ambush unsuspecting insects as they drift past. The varied water from fast runs to glassy tail-outs offers anglers some very interesting fishing whether that is prospecting with nymphs or casting dries to confidently feeding fish. The wild brown trout average 2-3 lbs with fish of up to 10 lbs encountered every season. As these fish live in fast powerful water they are extremely strong and hooking one will test your tackle and skill. MVATNSSVEITWHEN Season runs from 1st June to 31st September with the end of June to the beginning of August considered prime time for dry fly fishing. PERFECT FOR Trout anglers hunting large wild brown trout upstream dry fly and nymph fishing single fisherman as well as groups. LODGE Myvatnssveit is serviced from Hof Lodge which has 16 rooms. Although fairly basic it is right in the midst of the beats providing easy access to the river. The food is simple but wholesome and just what is needed after a long day on the river. COST FROM 1500 per person Mrarkvsl is the lowest tributary of the Laxa I Adaldal on the north coast of Iceland and offers the perfect opportunity to have a private river system and lake for three to four rods combining brown trout salmon and arctic char. It is an intimate river that holds a large head of brown trout along with a reasonable run of good sized salmon through the summer. Mrarkvsl flows across the Reykjaheii plateau for the first 15 km making it perfect for dry fly fishing for trout. It is not unusual to catch 15-20 browns a day with a 2-3 lbs average size. The river has a unique character with such diversity of fishing there will always be something to entertain from casting a nymph or a dry fly on the upper section to a rising trout or trying to winkle out a large salmon in the canyon pools. Fishing on the Langavatn lake is also included. The lake holds a large stock of small arctic char along with good sized brown trout. Along with the lake is the little river Geitafells that runs through meadows just by the lodge before ending up in the Langavatn lake. The river is small and not dissimilar to a small chalkstream perfect for dry fly fishing. MRARKVSL WHEN The season runs from 1st June to 20th September. Trout and Arctic char fishing is consistent throughout the season. August is prime time for salmon. PERFECT FOR Trout salmon and char combination upstream dry fly and nymph fishing ideal for intact parties and families. LODGE There are two accommodation options. The first is the Geitafell farm house offering self-catering accommodation with four bedrooms bathroom living room shower and fully functional kitchen. Alternatively clients can stay at the fully catered Brekka guest house. COST FROM 800 per person The Reykjadalsa is a tributary of the Laxa I Adaldal. A few salmon run it but the trout fishing is the focus. The river flows for 35 km and is serviced by one lodge offering fishing to just six anglers leaving lots of water to explore. In the upper section the river flows relatively fast and the angler will find countless numbers of small pools and deep holes suitable for dry fly fishing or prospecting with a nymph. As it flows down its course the water slows and meanders through meadows where there are long glides and deep pools where fish feed freely with confidence. Although the brown trout are not as large as some other Icelandic trout and average 1 2 lbs there are a few larger specimens lurking to 8 lbs. The river is more akin to a UK chalkstream with crystal clear water and large amounts of weed growth common. Slower sections can test an anglers watercraft at times. The midge bibio and nymph fishing can be excellent. Punctuated by some char along with the odd salmon to liven things up the Reykjadalsa is ideal for small groups of friends looking for a private fishery to themselves. REYKJADALS WHEN The season runs from 15 May to 15 September with July considered to be prime time for dry fly fishing. PERFECT FOR Trout anglers hunting wild brown trout in small rivers upstream dry fly and nymph fishing single fisherman as well as small groups. LODGE The lodge was built recently and accommodates up to eight people in four double bed rooms each with ensuite bathroom and shower. It can be taken self-catering or fully serviced. COST FROM 1200 per person Litl is considered to be one of Icelands finest sea trout and brown trout rivers. In 2004 the Icelandic sea trout record was set here an incredible 23 lbs hen fish but the potential to break this again is ever-present on the warm waters of Litl. The river is kept from freezing during the winter months due to a series of hot springs along the river. This means that the fish can feed year round allowing sea trout brown trout and Arctic char to flourish. The summer months see the prime fishing time for brown trout and Arctic char with fish ranging from 310 lbs and some great dry fly fishing opportunities. The river remains open through September when there is a great late run of sea trout and also a chance of catching fresh run salmon. The fishing on the Litl is incredibly diverse and the chance of catching three species in a day is always on the cards. For those that like to fish different fly fishing methods this is the perfect destination. LITL WHEN The fishing runs from the 1st April to 30th September. The prime time for sea trout is from mid-April to mid-June and September. The prime time for brown trout and Arctic char is from mid-June to mid-August. PERFECT FOR A true multi species fishery offering opportunities for trout char salmon and large sea trout late season fishing. LODGE The Keldunes lodge offers all modern comforts including a drying room hot tub and Wi- Fi. The lodge is at the top of the river and the perfect place to sit back and relax after a days fishing. Although self- catering there are fully catered options. COST FROM 1000 per person Upper Lax I Asum is an exceptional trout fishery that up to this point has remained relatively unknown to anglers outside of Iceland. Located on Icelands north western coast the river is a three hour drive from Reykjavik. Although not necessarily the largest trout in Iceland their abundance is staggering. The upper river is only fished with three rods and with an average of nigh on 5000 fish to three rods per season the fishing is spectacular. The trout are extremely aggressive much like their cousins in the lower river and for trout diehards this could be heaven. During prolific fly hatches the glassy stretches can be filled with rising fish. To add to the variety there is the odd salmon that makes it through the lake system and this package at times can be combined with the estuary fishery for sea run arctic char. Both Lax sum and Vatnsdals share the same estuary and the sea run char are prolific here averaging from 2 5 lbs and are very hard fighters. In the estuary it is easy to intercept them as they head for the river. In addition to the char there are also a sprinkling of large sea trout which can be caught on their way to the Vatnsdals. FREMRI SUM WHEN The season runs from late May to mid-September. The trout fishing is consistent through the season with mid summer prime time for dry fly. Prime time Arctic char fishing is through June once the salmon runs pick up the Arctic char move away. PERFECT FOR Trout anglers hunting wild brown trout in varied water upstream dry fly and nymph fishing small groups. LODGE Accommodation is a self- catering cabin that has one bedroom sleeping up to four in bunkbeds and two cosy living rooms. It is equipped with fully functioning kitchen and everything you will need. The cabin is located right on the banks of the upper river and guides and a cook can be organised in advance. COST FROM 1200 per person This smallish gin clear Icelandic stream has been hailed as one of the best kept secrets in global angling. It is a technical river where stealth among other attributes is needed. Wild native brown trout swim its waters remnants of the Ice age stocks that stayed on when the glaciers retreated. Real dinosaurs relics from times past. They are on average 3-4 lbs with the monsters ranging to 20 lbs. Every season several of 10 lbs are caught with many in the 5 to 9 lbs class. The season starts at the start of April often in sub-zero temperatures and it fishes to the end of September. Spring is most popular with the local clientele when fishing with streamers and weighted nymphs is most effective. Later in June July and August delicate dry fly fishing takes over and is most productive. Late in the season there are usually few rods fishing the river. It is an underrated time of the season as the browns tend to get very aggressive as the spawning period looms ever closer. In essence it is a midge fishery but strong hatches of caddis are also in the river. Turn over one of the black lava rocks in the river and see the size and quantity of cased caddis. The river is fished with single handed rods and the line weight and size and weight of leader depend on weather conditions. As mentioned this is a very technical river but the rewards are amazing. MINNIVALLALKURWHEN The season runs from early April to late September. The largest fish are often caught early season on nymphs and streamers. July is considered to be prime time for dry fly fishing. PERFECT FOR Trout aficionados hunting large wild brown trout upstream dry fly and nymph fishing small groups. LODGE The wonderfully placed self- catering lodge overlooks one of the best pools - Hsabreia. Full service can be arranged upon request. The lodge has four double bedrooms two bathrooms and a hot tub. COST FROM 3600 per four rods RBL House Ordnance Road Tidworth Hampshire SP9 7QD UK Tel 44 01980 847389 Fax 44 01980 849453 INTERNATIONAL FLY FISHING SPECIALISTS