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IcelandFor the last decade we have strived to bring the very best that Iceland has to offer to our clients. We have learned to navigate the ever changing landscape of Icelands salmon and trout fishing constantly evolving our knowledge through personal experience. River leases change hands often river statistics fluctuate but the people behind the companies that operate them remain the same. These are the relationships that we concentrate on many of whom we are lucky enough to call friends. Iceland is a remarkably unique country to fish. For a salmon or trout angler there are never ending opportunities for new experiences. We deem the portfolio we present to you to be the very best of what Iceland has to offer for both salmon and trout fishing. Matched with our expert knowledge and discussions we can tailor the perfect trip to suit you. We have no financial investment in any operation and are therefore giving you a totally unbiased view. Unless stated otherwise all operations in Iceland are sold in three day slots which can easily be bolted together and are based on a single room with twin beds in case you wish to rod share. We hope that you will be as inspired by Iceland as we are.