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West Rang is one of the best known salmon rivers in Iceland and 90 km south west of Reykjavik. Known not only for its beauty and great variety of fishing pools but also for the high volume of salmon caught there every year. West Rang usually ends as the most productive river in Iceland each season the present 5 year average is well over 5000 fish to 20 rods. Stability is why West Rang produces such high numbers of salmon per rod per day. It never has low water and seldom if ever is coloured due to flooding and heavy rains. The headwaters of West Rang are near the foot of the spectacular Mount Hekla. This entirely spring fed source is responsible for both the consistent water temperature and flow. The river is best fished with double handed rods and unlike most of Iceland the salmon are often best fished with larger flies and sometimes various sink-tips or full sinking lines. WEST RANGWHEN The season runs from 24th June to 10th October with 5th July to 20th August considered prime time. PERFECT FOR High catch statistics traditional two handed rods long season larger groups or single anglers. LODGE West Rang lodge has 18 newly single occupancy rooms with ensuite bathrooms. One main building houses the kitchen and spacious dining area where gourmet meals are served overlooking one of the most productive pools on the river. The lodge has a drying room and Wi-Fi. COST FROM 2980 per person