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Although better known for its salmon fishing Iceland has forged a name for itself as one of the worlds top wild brown trout destinations. There are rivers home to dry fly hungry browns of up to 10 lbs even 20 lbs in some cases and lakes where fish of 30 lbs are landed each year. This geographically young and unique landscape is still very much being carved and shaped year on year by natural forces. One such force are the 100s of streams and rivers that pour over large masses of irregularly shaped igneous rock to find their way to the waters of the North Atlantic. It is in part thanks to the large amount of volcanic rock that the fish grow so large the water is filtered to crystal clear purity with the addition of plenty of minerals allowing the fish and their food to thrive. The short Icelandic summers see the trout feed hard preparing for the next long winter ahead of them. It is at that time that we the trout angler can capitalise on their voracious appetite. Early season on the rivers and lakes the fish are actively hunting sub-surface for nymphs and baitfish. With the onset of mid-summer and 24 hour daylight the fish soon find their way to the surface and gorge on midge and bibio. It does not take fish long each season to build up a strength and energy unlike trout found anywhere else. Cock fish will leap multiple times and scream 100 yards in a single run whilst hen fish dig deep causing your line to sing in the breeze. The next few pages will take you through some of the wonderful trout rivers and streams that we offer. Whether you are looking for big fish or to catch lots of fish there is a trout river for all anglers in Iceland. TROUT FISHING