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Upper Lax I Asum is an exceptional trout fishery that up to this point has remained relatively unknown to anglers outside of Iceland. Located on Icelands north western coast the river is a three hour drive from Reykjavik. Although not necessarily the largest trout in Iceland their abundance is staggering. The upper river is only fished with three rods and with an average of nigh on 5000 fish to three rods per season the fishing is spectacular. The trout are extremely aggressive much like their cousins in the lower river and for trout diehards this could be heaven. During prolific fly hatches the glassy stretches can be filled with rising fish. To add to the variety there is the odd salmon that makes it through the lake system and this package at times can be combined with the estuary fishery for sea run arctic char. Both Lax sum and Vatnsdals share the same estuary and the sea run char are prolific here averaging from 2 5 lbs and are very hard fighters. In the estuary it is easy to intercept them as they head for the river. In addition to the char there are also a sprinkling of large sea trout which can be caught on their way to the Vatnsdals. FREMRI SUM