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SALMON FISHINGWhen talking of global salmon fishing many ask why we have such a passion for Iceland. There are greater numbers to be found on Russias Kola Peninsula and certainly larger salmon in northern Norway. We think the answer lies in the method. The experience is visual the tackle used is very light and the rivers of Iceland not only offer consistency ease of travel and huge variety but also that it is often possible to watch as a salmon rises in the water column and hits a fly off the surface. Many salmon fishermen over the years have found this experience to be the thrill they have been searching for. To begin with we just want to catch one. Then we want to catch a lot of them. The next challenge is to then catch a really large fish. Finally the true essence of salmon fishing emerges which is the take. This becomes the all-encompassing experience that drives us to make that pilgrimage every year. Iceland is the land of the take. Over the last decade we have grown a portfolio of Icelandic salmon rivers that are all very different but offer the opportunity to experience that enchanting mystery. There are rivers to suit all preferences. It may be using a single handed 7 and casting out a size 16 hitched Red Frances to a pod of silver fish or using a two hander to deliver a two inch Sunray Shadow two a multi-sea wintered fish. You will find that all these rivers have something in common as the water is so clear it is often possible to see the fish in the river see their behaviour towards the fly and often the moment that the fish commits to taking it. The next few pages will take you through some of the finest salmon rivers from around Iceland and what they have to offer each angler both in terms of fishing and also lodging.