Peacock bass, Rio Marie, Amazon, Brazil, Aardvark McLeod

Rio Marie, Brazil

From $7,325 per angler, sharing and $4,745 per non fisher

Rio Marié is unique in Brazil, with more than 500 miles of exclusive access to the only catch-and-release, “fly fishing only” river in Brazil. With more than 15 species of


Kendjam (Iriri River)

US$6,780 Including National Park Fee

One of the main indigenous communities within this area belongs to the Kayapo and the fishing operation is based around their village at Kendjam, which you visit during your stay


Agua Boa Amazon Lodge

Within the unspoiled surroundings of the Amazon, the jungle’s toughest fish, the peacock bass provides fisherman with world class challenges. As the only fly-fishing only river in Brazil, the Agua Boa River offers an unforgettable


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