Providence Atoll, Seychelles March 2023

Peter McLeod has hosted five trips to this extraordinary fishery. It regularly tops his list of ‘best saltwater fishing destinations’ and he’s looking forward to leading another trip in November 2023. Large portions of this remote speck in the Indian Ocean remain unexplored. Among the myriad saltwater species here are metre long GTs, large permit, trevally, bonefish, and bumphead parrot fish. It is a real bucket list trip for the adventurous saltwater angler.

Providence Atoll – A true fishing wilderness experience

Providence Atoll consists of two islands surrounded and separated by vast sandbanks, flats and channels. It is 55km long and 15km wide and offers some 345sq km of fishing. The populations of large bonefish feed to the rhythm of the tides and several fish of over 10lb have been landed. The GT fishing is equally exciting with one notable afternoon session when a group of anglers caught 35 fish in a few hours. The bluewater fly fishing can be equally spectacular with large numbers of sailfish, dogtooth tuna and wahoo found just off the reef.

The operations have been considerably refined since the early days and the trip operates a purposely fitted out live aboard vessel, the Mayas Dugong. Anglers fly into Farquhar Island and then take the six hour sail to Providence during which time the excellent team of guides will have helped to set up and organise all your kit. If you, like Peter, have a love for saltwater fishing and the species diversity of the Indian Ocean this is definitely one to consider.

Why Peter wants to return to Providence

He is drawn by the pristine atoll, an ecosystem that is home to a huge variety of species, massive populations of bonefish, giant trevally, bumphead parrotfish, triggerfish and milkfish – all fished for in the company of some of the most highly experienced and enthusiastic guides in the world.

He loves that while out there his world revolves around nothing but tides, tactics, fishing tackle, camaraderie, serious fly fishing, and stunning sunsets.

You have no idea what the next day will bring, but you just know it’s going to be an adventure.

That feeling of setting off on an adventure on a mothership, knowing that there is no Wi-Fi and he can be unplugged for a whole week is hard to beat.

Trip Itinerary 2023:

Tuesday 14th March: Fly Mahe to Farquhar Atoll, board Mayas Dugong for the six hour sail to Providence Atoll.

Wednesday 15th March to Monday 20th March: Six days fishing.

Tuesday 21st March: Arrive back on Farquhar Atoll this morning to connect with onward flight to Mahe.

The week will consist of fishing the neaps at the beginning of the week moving towards the springs at the end of the week. The first three days will consist of fishing an early morning pushing tide to a high tide during midday. This is very good for the tailing species around the low tide and for GTs on stingrays on the incoming tide. The high and the top of the dropping tide will be fished around land masses or in the interior of the atoll. The last three days will consist of fishing the dead low in the morning with a bigger push towards the afternoon. This is very good for GT fishing as the whole push can be fished. The afternoon will be spent fishing around land masses as well as offshore looking for sailfish, other pelagics and milkfish.

For more information and an itinerary please contact Peter McLeod or call our office on +44(0)1980 847389.