Alphonse fishing report 5-12 October 2019

Week three of the season started with variable light conditions and flat clam seas. Neap tides gave the anglers the opportunity to fish on the white sand flats looking for rays, sharks and on the coral finger flats. Towards the end of the week saw the tides started to transition back to springs, this opened the opportunity to look for triggers and giant trevally (GT) in the surf.

The low number of rods meant there was very little disturbance around the atoll, this benefited both fish and guests alike. Anglers looking for permit took advantage of this lack of pressure, with one guest in particular, Chris Walsh, catching a magnificent specimen of 60 cm. As is usually the case bonefish where found spread across the atoll, but the largest numbers where found congregating on the high spots of east knoll and delta.

Guests who pursued GTs  found fish along the edge of finger flats and on the white sand, throughout the week rat packs where sighted several times the day. Numerous fish where seen following rays in the mullet bay area. Father and son team Shaun and Collin Chapman, had an awesome day with Trevor Sithole who guided Shaun onto a grand slam, consisting of a permit, GT, bonefish and large triggerfish. Shaun also caught three triggerfish on Friday during the spring tide phase of the week. One milkfish was hooked by Chris in the last hour on Friday but unfortunately the fish pulled the hook free. Thist was the only one of the big five fish species for him left to catch on Alphonse.

Ron and Julie were the only guests to venture into the bluewater this week and where rewarded with sailfish, wahoo and tuna all caught on conventional tackle.

Total catch stats from 5 anglers for the week.

Giant Trevally: 10
Bonefish: 286
Triggerfish: 9
Permit: 3

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