Amy Stainer

An essential part of the team, Amy is keeps an eagle eye on all the details, no matter how large or small, that each trip entails. She is the Queen of our in-house flight system and with some great contract rates, will be delighted to look at flights only or as part of your trip.

Like the rest of the team, Amy has a love of travel and in particular the Kenyan coastal region of Watamu and nearby Mombasa.  Amy has spent a considerable amount of time there and is the ideal person to chat to about the benefits of one coastal property over another, particularly if combining it with a safari.

While not being 100% convinced of the many benefits of fishing, Amy is 100% convinced of the benefits of shopping and continues to try and convince us that our obsession with tackle and flies is no different to hers for handbags and shoes.


Amy’s Story


Favourite places

Alphonse Island Resort, Seychelles, island holiday, beach holiday

Alphonse Island Resort, Seychelles

Alphonse Island is a beautiful, small jewel in the Indian Ocean. It is a perfect beach hideaway. Small and intimate, you will be made to feel part of the island

Miavana, Madagascar, Aardvark McLeod, Lemur, Madagascar holiday, luxury holiday, Madagascar holiday, fishingin Madagascar

Miavana, Nosey Ankao, Madagascar

Miavana is an luxury lodge located on Nosy Ankao island, off the north-east of Madagascar. With wild beaches, incredible diving, fishing, helicopter adventures and a world class spa, it brings

Travel Tips

  • When booking flights it always pays to look at in-direct flights as they can sometimes work out a lot cheaper than a direct route.
  • Get Travel Insurance. This is the most important thing that you never want to use and one of the best investments you can get for a trip.
  • Keep everything important in hand luggage (spare clothes is a must).
  • Be flexible – always plan for delays and try not to get upset when things inevitably go wrong.
  • Download any travel documents to your mobile device and always leave a copy of your itinerary with family/friends.