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If you enjoy any form of trout and salmon fishing then chances are you have heard of the leviathan sea trout than inhabit the Rio Grande on both the Chilean and Argentine side of Tierra Del Fuego. No other sea trout river in the world comes close to offering what the Rio Grande can; especially… Read More>>>

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From the border with Aurelia Lodge on the middle reaches of the Rio Grande Estancia Maria Behety owns the entire length of left bank all the way to the estuary. Such a commanding position helps highlight why many count this as being the only option worth considering on the river. However, there are many other… Read More>>>

Kau Tapen and Villa Maria Lodges need little introduction when it comes to finding prime fishing for sea trout on the middle and lower Rio Grande in Argentina. They are owned by the same people and are both run to exacting standards that sets the bar for others to follow. If you are looking for… Read More>>>

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We firmly believe that Aurelia provides some of the best fishing and value for money on the whole river. It is rare in that it caters for just four rods per week and has exclusive access to both banks of the river, meaning that you know water is always being rested. It also has many… Read More>>>

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Estancia Laguna Verde offers the finest fishing for wild rainbow trout in the world. The programme has now been running for several seasons and continues to grow and gain strength with each passing season. It is now revered within the angling world and has become a must-visit destination. It offers superlative fishing on the world… Read More>>>

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