Battle Hill Lodge

Superb sea trout fishing

Iceland’s incredible sea trout fishing has long been overlooked by those in favour of salmon. Battle Hill Lodge is the country’s first specific seatrout operation and concentrates on the Fossálar, Vatnamót, Jónskvísl and Grenlækur. These rivers offer a hugely diverse fishing environment for sea trout weighing up to and over 20lb.

Beautiful rivers and pretty pools

The principal rivers you fish are the Fossalar and Vatnamot. The extremely beautiful Fossalar has diverse pools and is approximately 15 km of water fished with just five rods. The Vatnamot is the junction of the Fossalar, Geirlandsa, and Horgsa rivers and every year up to 2,000 sea trout are landed on this 5 km beat.

The rivers run in a volcanic area so you will experience the unique fishing of lava fields and black sands. You can fish here with double-handed rods and swing flies as well as nymphing through some very pretty pools.

Cosy farmhouse accommodation

Battle Hill Lodge is a recently renovated farmhouse on the banks of the Fossalar River and overlooks a lava field and the Vatnajokull Glacier. It has two single and four twin rooms on two floors with two and a half bathrooms. It’s cosy rather than luxurious and is the perfect base to experience this fishery.

Awe-inspiring and historically interesting wilderness

This isolated part of south east Iceland is extremely beautiful, with scenery characterised by picturesque mountains, thundering waterfalls and deep canyons. The Bruna Hraun lava field, visible from the lodge, is part of a greater national park that is one of one of three UNESCO heritage sites in Iceland.  It’s historically interesting too, with famous Viking chief, Hróars Tungugoði, killed on land locally in the 10th century, giving rise to the name Orustuhóll which translates as Battle Hill.

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