Brevyeni Camp, Ponoi, Kola Peninsula, Russia

Fishing on the Ponoi River, Russia

The Ponoi is easily identifiable on any map since it is the largest on the Kola Peninsula at over 250 miles long. It is also one of the few rivers in the World that still maintains a healthy population of wild Atlantic salmon. It is located just above the Arctic Circle at a latitude of approximately 67 degrees North, flowing from West to East, entering the Barents Sea on the South-East coast of the Kola Peninsula.

One of the finest Atlantic salmon rivers in the world

The Ponoi needs little introduction from a fishing perspective as chances are if you fish for salmon then you will already know of the Ponoi and its reputation as one of the finest if not the finest Atlantic salmon rivers in the world.

No other Atlantic salmon river in the world can match the Ponoi’s enviable combination of catch numbers and size; it really does meet that perfect equilibrium. It also offers a very long season, starting in late May and ending in early October. Within this period there are two very distinct seasons; the Spring and the Autumn, both holding individual appeal. The fishing can be done from the bank or from the boat with a huge variety of water making both perfectly feasible. Indeed, the Ponoi is the perfect river no matter what your experience level or age, as there truly is something for everyone!

“A place I hold close to my heart and one that I would recommend every avid salmon angler to visit at least once, no matter their age or experience level. The Ponoi really does offer something for everyone.” P. Baxendale – UK

“We have visited the Ponoi on numerous occasions and have first-hand knowledge of these camps so please do get in contact to see if the Ponoi is for you and let us assist you with that trip of a lifetime.” – Aardvark Angler 

Designed for intact parties

The Brevyeni camp offers a very different experience and is specifically designed for intact parties. The scenery is much more dramatic and wild, but very beautiful. The Ponoi at Brevyeni is viewed as among the most interesting water on the whole river with plenty of rapids and runs and lots of wading – indeed, a lot of water here runs through a large canyon, where the river looks smaller than that of Ryabaga immediately upstream.

The Brevyeni beats are legendary on the Ponoi and over the years have provided some of the most productive Spring and Autumn fishing. The level of service, comfort and general running of the operation at Brevyeni is truly amazing given its location. This is a true testament to the team at the camp, who represent the finest of what the Kola has to offer, both in terms of the international guide team on the river through to the camp staff who look after every little detail to make your experience unforgettable.

Brevyeni operates from late May through to early October, taking 8 rods per week accommodated in single wooden cabins – the camp can be taken by intact parties only. The camp has been designed for private use by intact groups who not only wish to enjoy the wilderness fishing that Brevyeni provides in abundance but also a more private and intimate social hideaway.


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