Tsimane – Pluma Lodge

Jungle fishing for golden dorado on freestone rivers in Bolivia

The overwhelming beauty of Pluma Lodge’s region ensures an incredible angling and travel experience that is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and unique in fly fishing. The abundant fishing opportunities for golden dorado, pacu, and yatorana are reasons alone to visit, but the scenery, wildlife and native culture are also breathtaking.

Jungle fly fishing for dorado, pacu and yatorana

Pluma Lodge is set high atop a cliff on the banks of the Pluma River, just above its confluence with the Secure River. The lodge gives access to the Pluma, the Upper Pluma, the Itirizama, and the Secure Rivers. These small and clear freestone rivers allow for sight fishing for some genuinely huge golden dorado, and the area has built a reputation as one of the ultimate freshwater experiences for the adventurous angler. 

The Pluma River is a medium-sized freestone river whose clear waters provide a wealth of opportunities. The Pluma is more open than many other rivers in the area. Its banks of smooth gravel and rock make for relatively easy wading. To maintain this virgin environment motors have been restricted in all areas but the confluence with the Sécure. All fishing on the Pluma is done either by wading or poling in aluminium skiffs or dugout canoes.

Many anglers consider the Itirizama tributary the “jewel in the crown” of all the Tsimané programmes. The Itirizama is similar in size to the headwaters of the Pluma, but its steeper gradient and more rugged terrain gives it a very different look and feel. The Itirizama runs from west to east through a rugged canyon and has the characteristics of a typical mountain stream, fast runs, rapids, waterfalls, and large boulders. This is one of the most physically demanding areas to fish at Tsimané, but the scenery is stunning, and the waters hold some of the largest golden dorado. The Itirizama offers quality over quantity. It is a true trophy fishery.


Amazing comfort in a beautiful lodge constructed from local materials…

The Pluma Lodge experience is based around one very comfortable jungle lodge, built entirely from sustainable wood cut from the nearby jungle. There’s also the option to visit the headwater out-camps for one night on either the Upper Pluma River or the Upper Itirizama River, which is one of the main tributaries of the Pluma River.

The main Pluma Lodge features four log cabins and sleeps up to eight anglers. Each cabin has spring box beds, private bathrooms with hot water and electric light. Every evening guests will enjoy delicious international cuisine in a well appointed living and dining room. Satellite internet wireless connection and phone service is available.


In the middle of the jungle, where the Andes and the rainforest meet…

Nestled between the Andes and the rainforest run crystal clear streams teeming with life, seemingly untouched by man. Within these fish-rich waters lurk marauding dorado, which will test both angler and tackle to their limits.

Tsimané is around 200km from La Paz and 470km from Santa Cruz de la Sierra and is within an Indigenous Territory as well as the TIPNIS (Isiboro-Secure Indigenous Territory and National Park), in a remote and pristine area of the Bolivian Amazon. The landscape is unique. The rivers fished are the headwaters of some tributaries of the Amazon River running downstream through the mountains and across the rainforest. 

This raw and natural environment is a fly-fishers playground and one that you are unlikely to forget for a very long time. A must visit location and we are confident you will return for more.




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