El Rincon (Rio Gallegos), Argentina

Fishing for sea trout and brown trout on the revered Rios Gallegos and Penitente at El Rincon Lodge, Argentina.

If the idea of being able to catch both sea trout on the Rio Gallegos then huge resident brown trout on the lesser known Rio Penitente from one lodge appeals, then El Rincon is the one for you. It represents fantastic value for money and has great variety in the 30 kms of private and exclusive fishing it has access to.

Sea Trout and Brown Trout on the Gallegos and Penitente Rivers

The fishing at El Rincon is for both sea trout (primarily on the Rio Gallegos), which often reach weights of up to 20 lbs, and also for resident brown trout (primarily on the Rio Penitente) averaging 3 to 4 lbs but with many large specimens caught every season up to and over 10 lbs. You really do get the best of both worlds at El Rincon.

The Rio Gallegos
The privately owned 20km double bank section of the Rio Gallegos is a short drive from the lodge. Many classic looking pools are found along this length, each holding good numbers of migrating sea trout. Brown trout are also present but efforts are usually concentrated on the sea trout.

Rods can be either single or double hand, depending on personal preference, but a double hander / switch rod around #8 is recommended and perfect.

The Rio Penitente
The 35 kilometres of the Rio Penitente owned by El Rincon is just a short distance from the lodge. As such, guests have the opportunity to pick up a rod and walk the few steps across the garden to try a few casts during their stay and at their leisure. At its normal level the Penitente is best fished with a single handed rod or a light switch rod.

The Penitente clears and returns to its normal height quickly after a spate. In normal conditions most of the Argentinian sea trout style rubber leg patterns work well as do more traditional nymphs. Dry flies can be used effectively in settled and lower water conditions, with streamer patterns often preferred in high water or in the numerous deep holes spread along river system.

A Friendly Comfortable Environment

El Rincon is run and operated from Estancia Rincon De Los Morros, which is around two hours’ drive from the town of Rio Gallegos. Rio Gallegos is easily reached with daily flights from Buenos Aires.

The lodge retains all the character and charm of its roots, with the construction materials being imported from England in 1902 and completed in 1906. It stands on the banks of the beautiful Penitente river with an uninterrupted vista over the surrounding countryside, together with the Andes as a panoramic backdrop. All of this can be enjoyed from the comfortable and expansive lounge area within the lodge. All guest bedrooms are based on single occupancy – unless couples wish to share. All meals and drinks (including alcoholic beverages) are included in the price.

A gem on the Gallegos – Santa Cruz, Argentina

El Rincon is located around two hours drive from the town of Rio Gallegos in the province of Santa Cruz, Argentina, which is some three hours flight time from Buenos Aires.

The Estancia covers around 57,000 acres and incorporated within the private boundaries runs a 20km stretch of the world renowned Rio Gallegos and a further 35kms of its major tributary, the Rio Penitente, a spectacular river in its own right.

This can be described as a true wilderness experience. However, the lodge is very comfortable and retains all its original features and historic charm.

With the Penitente being just some 150 metres from the house, guests have spectacular views of the surrounding landscape together with the Andes as a panoramic backdrop.

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