technical salmon fishing with a sprinkling of multi seawinter fish

The Hítará is one of Iceland’s best-known salmon rivers and is ideal for intact parties looking for technical salmon fishing with a sprinkling of multi-sea winter fish. Though an average-sized river, it has a long and remarkable fishing history, dating back to when British gentry started fishing here.

Wonderful variety on gem of a river 

The variety of pools is great, and the placement of the lodge, built by Jóhannes of Hótel Borg fame, in a magical setting on the rocky banks of the Brúarfoss Falls, is unmatched. The nearness of the pools to the lodge offers a unique atmosphere for a close-knit group, and the Hítará is certainly on the gems of Icelandic salmon fishing.

Hitará is a typical Icelandic river, with complex currents, clear pools, small flies and technical fishing over its 29km. The river accommodates six rods on the main salmon section and is ideal for intact parties. A single handed rod or a really light two hander is ideal here, and anglers are rewarded with quite a number of fish over the seven pound mark.

The upper stretch is quite wild, and apart from a good number of salmon caught up here towards the end of July there is excellent Arctic char and trout fishing. The char have been caught up to six and seven pounds and add a great diversity if the salmon fishing is slow. Particularly productive are Langidráttur and Grettisstillur which are fantastic pools, not to mention Breidin for those not wanting to go far!

“Our party loved the fact we could have the lodge to ourselves, and to be able to look out of the window and see fish moving up the river was fantastic! We caught good numbers of salmon, mostly on tiny hitched flies which was extremely rewarding. The largest for the week came in at 18lb whish is big for Iceland.” M.C. – UK

a unique salmon fishing atmosphere

The lodge for the main section of the Hítará, is the house called, Lundur. It has a unique atmosphere and from the sitting room you can gaze out over “Breidina,” one of the river’s best sites.

Rooms are fully furnished, including linen and towels, and it is possible for fishermen to stay at the lodge and rod share. This is one of Iceland’s most popular salmon rivers, and not everyone is lucky enough to get time on it.  

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