Delta Lodge (Buenos Aires)

Exclusive Golden Dorado Fishing

Located 45 minuets outside of the city, this unique fishery allows anglers to cast within view of city skyscrapers or tuck inside braided wetlands teeming with shots at elusive golden dorado and tarariras.

One of a Kind Fly Fishing Experience

This unique operation – the only on in the area, in fact – enables you to fish for golden dorado within view of Buenos Aires’ skyscrapers or escape further into the delta and visit one of the myriad of braids found on the wetland, teeming with life and chances of catching the elusive dorado and lesser known, but equally as aggressive tararias.

Easily Accessible

Top quality fly fishing equipment is available for use, free of charge. You will also be supplied with meals and drinks, as needed.

The day starts with a short transfer from the city (around 45 minutes) – which is extra, but can be arranged – to the marina. From there you will spend the day exploring the water with a local, English speaking guide. A perfect start or end to a fishing trip in Argentina.

Just Outside the City

Delta Day Trips provide the perfect release from the hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires and also opens your eyes to great fishing opportunities just 45 minutes from the city.

Designed for those with either very little time to spare when visiting Argentina where a week long stay at one of the revered lodges would be unfeasible or for those who have a couple of days to spare either side of their visit when venturing to e.g. Tierra Del Fuego.

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