Namsentunet Lodge, Namsen River – Norway

Big fish and great accommodation

Namsentunet Lodge is located on the banks of the River Namsen and offers a wonderful variety of water for Atlantic salmon fly fishing spread over four large continuous beats.  Numerous pools and holding areas provide exciting fishing throughout with the added bonus of fishing from both banks as well as from boats. With so much fishing available the beats are suitable for larger groups with 12-20 anglers fishing most weeks.

Consistent water and fishing conditions

The River Namsen holds a significant place in the natural and cultural landscape of Nord-Trøndelag in central Norway. It is characterised by its diverse geographical features, including rich agricultural plains, imposing mountains, and a rugged coastline. Even though it might not be the longest river in Norway, the Namsen is known for its powerful flow and remarkable history.

The River Namsen’s historical significance is deeply rooted in its association with fishing. In the 19th century, adventurous British fishermen discovered the river’s abundant salmon population, and their tales of not only plentiful but also unusually large salmon drew attention. This discovery played a role in bringing attention to the River Namsen as a premier destination for salmon fishing. Even today, the legacy of the river as a fishing haven lives on. While it may not produce as many salmon as it did in the past, it is still renowned for its sizeable fish. Fishermen continue to land impressive Atlantic salmon, with fish of 40 to 45lb being caught annually.

The Namsen is one of Norway’s most productive salmon rivers. This is attributed to a combination of factors, including a strong run of grilse in the mid to late summer and the presence of larger salmon in the 15-25lb+ range that provide an exhilarating challenge for anglers. The mix of sizes and strengths of salmon in the river adds to the excitement of fishing here.

Due to the size and power of the river, using double handed rods is often recommended, even when the water levels are low. This type of equipment allows anglers to effectively manage the river’s breadth and flow. The fly fishing season on the Namsen typically gains momentum from mid to late June, once the water levels have subsided to more manageable levels. Having a variety of lines, ranging from floating to fast sink, is essential for adapting to different fishing conditions which can change daily due to the Fiskumfoss hydro-electric dam. This flexibility ensures that anglers can adjust their approach depending on factors like water depth and flow speed.

The fishing at Namsentunet is not exclusively fly fishing, and whilst for some that is less appealing the river lends itself well to different methods. The variety of water also means that fly and spin fishing is generally practiced in different areas. The mixed-methods also allow salmon anglers to adjust to different river conditions or pool types if they desire.

Comfortable traditional Norwegian accommodation and excellent food

Namsentunet Lodge comprises six traditional chalets and offers 22 rooms. Accommodation varies from single en-suite rooms to family rooms and the chalet style format allows groups to be accommodated together. Each of the comfortable rooms is decorated in a traditional Scandinavian style and is furnished with crisp linens. The bathrooms are either en-suite or shared and towels, bathrobes and basic toiletries are provided. The communal lounge and dining room is a convivial spot to meet after a day on the water and the lodge chef cooks a range of wonderful Scandinavian dishes for two course dinners each evening. A buffet style breakfast is provided and includes hot and cold items. Lunch is also served at the lodge.   

Easily accessible lodge 

Namsentunet Lodge is a two and a half hour drive from Trondheim or 40 minutes from Namsos.  Set in the country’s heartland the area is one of contrasting agricultural plains, majestic mountains and a rocky coastline. There are direct flights from the UK to Trondheim or anglers can fly to Olso and take a connecting flight from there to either Trondheim or Namsos.   

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