Limay River Ranch, Argentina

Prolific rainbow trout fishery

With its incredible insect density, the Limay tailwater offers hatches rivalled by few other rivers in South America. The river houses a prolific rainbow trout population with resident fish growing to around 17 inches in just three years. Limay River Ranch offers unparalleled access to these crystal clear waters.

Plenty of fishing with fresh water to cover each day  

Across the 80,000 acre ranch, anglers have access to over 30 miles of river for float fishing, and 12 miles of wading in small side channels. There’s enough water to offer each cabin its own solitary float boat for six days of fishing without repeating water.

The summer hatches start around the end of November and run through to mid to late January. The fishing is typically quite productive working the riffles with dry-droppers, sight fishing along the rocky cliffs and drifting flies from the boat. The fall hatches typically start in March and build in intensity throughout April and into May.

In addition to the resident trout, migratory browns moving up from El Chocon Reservoir start entering the river in mid-December, appearing in the river in numbers in January, and are spread throughout the river by the end of the month. They remain in the river until the close of the season at the end of May. These migratory fish run anywhere from 22 to well over 30 inches and average around 26 to 27 inches. With the warmer water temperatures from January through early April, the majority of these migratory browns are caught on dries. While not always easy to catch, many anglers leave Limay River Ranch having caught the largest trout of their lifetime.

With 20 miles of road within the estancia, guests can choose their own style of fishing – whether out all day on a long float trip or splitting the day with lunch and a siesta back at the lodge.

Eco luxury lodge on the Middle Limay River  

Limay River Ranch comprises six individual cabins accommodating 12 guests on a double occupancy basis. Each cabin has an outdoor deck and offers approximately 360 square feet of interior space, with a private bathroom, air conditioning and heating splits, and a wood stove. There is also a main lodge where the dining room, bar and living room are located. Guests gather at the open bar and discuss the adventures of the day, sit on the main deck for a glass of wine, and enjoy the fantastic meals prepared by the chef. The lodge offers 24-hour power and free high-speed Starlink internet service with WiFi throughout the lodge and cabins.

Stunning setting in the Patagonian wilderness  

With several flights a day from Buenos Aires to Bariloche travelling to Limay River Ranch is easy. The lodge is only two and half hours drive from Bariloche airport which is also connects to several other destinations in Patagonia making Limay River Ranch an ideal destination as an add on trip to a week sea trout fishing or at Jurassic Lake.

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