Paraná River Outfitters

Thrilling dorado fishing

Paraná River Outfitters is located on the Middle Paraná which marks the border between the provinces of  Corrientes and Santa Fé. This section of the river is famous for superb dorado fishing and fish in the high teens and larger are a real possibility.


Productive dorado fishery 

Dorado have developed a reputation for being one of the most exciting species to target on a fly and this part of the Paraná River offers a wide variety of water types to target these great fish.  Guests will mainly fish from 21-foot skiffs. which have been custom designed to have two decks (one on the front and one on the back) so two anglers can fish at the same time.

This section of the Paraná River has plenty to offer when it comes to varied fish-holding structure with plenty of downed logs, steep cut banks and deep edges. When conditions are suitable there is wonderful sight fishing on the abundant sandbars and these zones can be explored on foot or by boat. Floating lines and longer leaders work best here.  Depending on the situation, the dorado can either be careful and spooky or in a feeding frenzy.  Anglers fishing in woody structure tend to use full-floating or intermediate sinking lines to swing flies in and around the obstructions. In the lagoons, bays and smaller backwater side channels the fish can be more wary and require a gentle fly presentation.

Anglers depart after breakfast and fish the morning session before breaking for lunch by the river.  After lunch fishing continues until sunset. 

As well as offering excellent fishing, the Paraná River is also an exceptional destination for lovers of wildlife and especially birds with many unusual species in the area.


Comfortable accommodation

Anglers are accommodated in a 5-star hotel in the small town of Bella Vista which is located on the Paraná River. There is capacity for up to ten anglers.  All rooms are based on shared occupancy although single rooms are available for a small surcharge. Hotel facilities include a dining room and ‘asado’ area as well as a swimming pool and fully stocked bar. Lunch is served on the river and breakfast and dinner at the hotel.   


Easily accessible from Buenos Aires

Paraná River Outfitters is located on middle section of the Parana River which forms the border between Argentina and Paraguay. Daily flights to Corrientes and Resistencia are available from Buenos Aires Domestic Airport. From either of these airports it is a 75 minute drive to the hotel.

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