Laxardal, Iceland

Possibly the finest trout fishing in Europe

Laxardal, situated above the famous salmon beats of the Laxá I Adaldal on the north coast of Iceland, offers some of the most spectacular big wild brown trout fishing in the world. It is by no means an easy fishery, each fish will put you through your paces, but ultimately the persevering angler is rewarded with the prize. For us this river presents a challenge unlike any other, and it is for this reason that we keep returning.

Fish for the Largest wild brown trout in Iceland

The Laxardal beats span 14km and are divided into six beats, each accommodating two rods. Every year numerous fish between five and seven pounds are caught, with the occasional eight to nine pound fish making an appearance.  Fish of over ten pounds have also been caught – a staggering size for wild brown trout.

Laxardal is wide and shallow and is a little like bonefishing for trout. There are the intermittent lava shelves that drop away, hidden from someone reading the surface and in turn creating some excellent lies. The river is deceptively clear as the bottom in most areas is black laval sand giving the impression of depth and murkiness which is extremely misleading.

Predominantly a midge fishery, these large fish gorge through the summer on tiny insects drifting along the surface. Fortunately for us anglers, the fish have a particular taste for larger bibio which are found in July. The fish are always hunting out these insects and can often be deceived by larger hopper and foam patterns.

Once attached to one of these browns the battle has only just begun. Forget the relatively calm scrap of small UK wild brown trout, these fish are bruisers. They will run a hundred yards in bonefish-like fashion, threading your line perilously through jagged lava rock. They’ll Jump like a tarpon emerging from the mangrove roots and use their weight and the current to their advantage. For every fish landed here, you may lose two or three, each one a fish of a lifetime.

In 2017 the Laxardal beats expanded to include a stretch of water below the waterfalls (a 7th beat). This is a welcome addition to an already impressive section of river and even offers the chance to hook into a salmon. This lower beat is well known for large pods of rising trout in the summer, often making it hard for an angler to know which fish to cast at. It also means that two trout beats will be rested every fishing session.

“Absolutely Awesome! Some of the best trout fishing I have ever done, and the fish are so strong!” H.T., UK

Most Comfortable Trout Lodge in Iceland

Laxardal is serviced from Raudholar lodge which is a modern Scandinavian style lodge overlooking the broad river. The lodge has 12 rooms which can be taken on a single occupancy basis with a twin bed for those rod sharing. The guests share three communal bathrooms. The food is wholesome and served in a buffet style, perfect after a day on the water.

There is an excellent wader room, hot tub and sauna and Wi-Fi (although connection cannot be guaranteed).

North Iceland

Above the famous salmon beats of the Laxá I Adaldal on the north coast of Iceland, the lodge is situated an hour drive east of Akureyri and 30 minutes’ drive south of Húsavík.

Day trips are possible to the whale watching town of Húsavík, Lake Myvatn and Godafoss waterfalls.

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