Tarponville, Costa Rica

Huge tarpon averaging 90 – 120 pounds

For years, fishermen have heard rumours of great numbers of large tarpon on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, near the border with Panama. At Tarponville, tarpon averaging 90-120lb are regularly caught on both lure and fly. Ten hook ups in a morning have been recorded, and tarpon weighing over 200lb pounds have been landed on a fly. This region has set a new standard for tarpon fishing and offers fly fishing for all anglers regardless of experience. As the fishing waters are situated in a wildlife and marine reserve, the management and protection of the fish and habitat is ensured.


Huge tarpon in shallow water and lagoon systems alongside some excellent permit fishing.

If you are looking for a real fishing adventure, trophy sized tarpon, and English speaking guides, then Tarponville should be on your list. There is nothing more impressive than feeling the line come tight and watching a 100lb tarpon come rocketing into the air or tail walking across the water with your fly in its mouth.  

The fishing day starts with breakfast at 0630 after which you set off with your captain for a short panga ride to the Sixoalo river mouth which is approximately 20 minutes away.  Keep your eyes peeled astarpon can be seen feeding on bait or rolling anywhere between the lodge and the river mouth.  Once you are in the river mouth area, the captain will look for tell tale signs including rolling fish, bait, birds and boils.  You will return to the lodge at 1100 for lunch and a siesta, before setting off again at around 1400. 

Water depths targeted are five to 20 feet deep with the colour line being the top four feet of water.  This allows fishing with intermediate tarpon lines and even floating lines on the calm conditions. When the tides start to turn and the fish switch on the “feed” button, be ready, they will eat any fly you put in front of them and this can last up to an hour.

The bonefish and permit fishery in Costa Rica is truly virgin territory. The fish in this area have seen little to no fishing pressure for the past decade and there’s a chance to throw a cast every now and again.  Trigger fish can be seen tailing on the reef in front of the lodge and also provide an entertaining diversion. Other species include jacks, tuna, bonito and dorado. 

Rustic comfortable accommodation on the beach

Complete Tarponville fishing packages include accommodation in a clean and comfortable beachfront lodge located just outside the village of Manzanillo.  

Each of the four rooms at the lodge has two beds, ceiling fans, a private bathroom, and a beachfront view of one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Caribbean. The rooms are located only a few yards from the water’s edge on a beautiful beach perfect for swimming and snorkelling. Howler monkeys, sloths, a ridiculous number of bird species, and other wildlife can all be viewed from your front porch in the mornings and evenings.

Meals include a variety of fish and local delicacies. The lodge bar and kitchen area is stocked with complimentary beer, rum, soft drinks and mixers for any alcohol that you would like to purchase at the duty free store in San Jose. 

Other activities in this spectacular area include dolphin watching tours, ocean and river kayaking, guided jungle hikes, snorkelling and indigenous cultural tours.

South eastern corner of Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s southern most fishing is lodge located on the Caribbean coast located just above the border with Panama.  

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