one of Iceland’s premier large brown trout rivers

The Minnivallalaekur is one of Iceland’s premier large brown trout rivers. The brown trout here are direct descendants of an ice age strain which have been isolated in the highlands of Iceland. These fish grow big and while it is not uncommon for fish of up to 15lb to be spotted, catching them is another matter.

Phenomenal fishing for large brown trout

The season here runs from 1st April – 30th September, with the prime time running from the end of June through to the beginning of August. The early part of the season is best fished with streamers and weighted nymphs, the Black and Grey Ghost is a local favorite as well as Pheasant Tails and caddis patterns working well.

As you move into the summer months the hatches begin and dry flies become a very productive and exciting way of fishing. The Minnivallalaekur’s rich waters support great midge hatches as well as very good caddis hatches. September sees unsettled weather but also highly aggressive fish as they prepare for the spawning and winter period.

The river takes up to four rods which means that you can experience the fantastic fishing virtually uninterrupted or with a small group of friends.

The Laekjamót lodge

During your stay you will be based at the Laekjamót lodge which situated on the banks of the river overlooking the very productive Húsabreida pool. The lodge is made up of four double bedrooms, two bathrooms and a tempting hot tub for the endless daylight in the Icelandic summer months.

South West Iceland

The Minnivallalaekur is situated in South West Iceland; 110km drive East of Reykjavik. The river is fed by underground springs giving it crystal clear waters over its seven kilometre course until it pours into the mighty Thjorsa, Iceland’s longest river.

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