Camp Onka, Sweden

Exhilarating salmon fishing in Swedish Lapland

Baltic salmon are a geographically isolated group of the Atlantic salmon family. After a slump in numbers in the 1980s the population is now steadily rising, and word has spread about the size, quality and strength of these fish. One of the go-to rivers to target large Baltic salmon on the fly is the Lainio River in northern Swedish Lapland. Part of the Torne system, the Laino source is close to the border with Norway from where if flows south before joining the mighty Torne and then flowing into the Gulf of Bothnia.

Wilderness fishing on excellent fly water 

The Lainio is the most important tributary to the Torne River, with over half of the salmon in the system entering its waters. Camp Onka, which has around 10km of double bank access, has some of the best exclusive water on the Lainio River, including the famous Onka Pool, where the original camp was established.  Fishing is split into Lipistokoski, Onka and Phatakoski on the upper, middle, and lower beats, respectively.

Lainio is a big river but is easily waded and has excellent fly water, and some of the best holding pools are in Camp Onka’s beats. The fishing is on both sides of the river and on some stretches the guides use a rowing boat to reach the best spots. While the average weight of salmon is in the region of 15 to 18lb, a trip to Camp Onka is all about the opportunity to catch a massive fish in the 30 to 40lb range.  If you want to vary your day there is good fishing for grayling and trout on many stretches. 

This is wilderness fishing, with the only significant restrictions being your sense of adventure and your stamina. The midsummer weeks provide 24-hour daylight where the dedicated can fish long and hard. 

Well resourced remote fishing camp  

Camp Onka has migrated from its humble beginnings of tents and not much more to a very comfortable Lapland Guest house. Shared double rooms with en-suite bathrooms are standard, alongside good hospitality from your hosts with quality home-cooked food. A sauna and jacuzzi are available.  Camp Onka also allows anglers to enjoy the seclusion and wilderness that a week in this environment affords with the basic simplicities of a resourced but remote fishing camp.

Secluded location in pristine surroundings  

Kiruna in northern Sweden is the closet airport to Camp Onka. In most cases you will require to connect via Arlanda in Stockholm. Over a hosted week a hire vehicle or transport will be arranged to take anglers from the airport to the camp. 

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