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Amy Pople reports back following her trip to Malawi in May. A departure from our normal fishing focused blogs, there wasn’t a fishing rod in sight but Malawi combines very well with neighbouring countries where fishing is very much on the map. Little Malawi is a perfect add on, whether to a pure fishing trip… Read More>>>

Laxa I Kjos, Iceland, Aardvark McLeod

This week in Iceland has seen more rivers begin to open up with further reports trickling through the grapevine. The country is still very cold and spring is still trying to slip the bonds of winter. The west coast has had northerly winds keeping air temperatures well below 10 degrees with water temperatures hanging around… Read More>>>

Sette Cama, Gabon, Pete Gibson,

In Central West Africa on the coast of Gabon, Sette Cama is arguably the finest saltwater surf fishery on the African coast, if not the world. There one can target a number of species fishing the surf and the estuary with the focus on tarpon, giant african threadfin, cubera snapper, and both longfin & jack crevalle. Through the conservation… Read More>>>

Cosmoledo atoll, Seychelles, fishing Astove, fishing in Seychelles, GTs, giant trevally, bonefish, triggerfish, permit, Aardvark McLeod

We have the availability for both 2019 and 2020 so please contact us for those details and we will be happy to set aside rods for you in your preferred week.  In the meantime, below is the last remaining space for Alphonse, Astove, Cosmoledo, Providence, Farquhar and St Brandon’s (Mauritius). If you would like more… Read More>>>

Aardvark McLeod, sea trout rio grande, Tierra del Fuego, sea trout fishing argentina, rio grande river, fishing, tdf, sea trout, TDF flies, Rio Grande flies, fishing Rio Grande Argentina, estancia maria behety, emb, la villa maria behety

Estancia Maria Behety sea trout fishing Argentina Rio Grande Tierra Del Fuego. From the border with Aurelia Lodge on the middle reaches of the Rio Grande Estancia Maria Behety owns the entire length of left bank all the way to the estuary. Such a commanding position helps highlight why many count this as being the… Read More>>>