Ikari House, Republic of Kiribati

Discover fly fishing in the Republic of Kiribati

This ultimate year-round saltwater destination will test your angling skills against the strong and powerful spices of fish that thrive in the waters surrounding Christmas Island. Bonefish, giant trevally, huge triggerfish and plenty of milkfish are all found in its rich waters.

A Thrilling Fishing Challenge

Anglers can target bonefish throughout the year.  The atoll is widely considered as some of the best bonefishing in the world due to the vast numbers of fish, a healthy average of three to four pounds and fish exceeding ten pounds are not uncommon.

Increasingly people are venturing to Christmas Island to test themselves against the incredibly aggressive and powerful species of trevally that inhabit these waters. The most common are blue and striped trevally.  Growing to 20lb+, they can offer excellent surface fishing opportunities which are certain to get the adrenalin pumping.

For those wanting the ultimate test, there’s the opportunity to target the king of these waters, the giant trevally. These fish can exceed 100lb on the flats and have the power to break fly rods, the speed to snap fly lines and the aggression to match. Other species you may encounter include triggerfish and various reef fish.  For who want to venture offshore, there are chances to target milkfish, tuna, wahoo and even sailfish.

This is a destination where you should pack everything; 7# through to 12# or even 14# and reels with copious amounts of backing. You are also allowed to fish with conventional gear in certain areas.

A Cut Above the Rest

Ikari House is a comfortable property set at the edge of a lagoon with a private beach and glorious views.  Owned and managed by Jacob and Lavinia Teem, this modern lodge comprises 12 en-suite guest rooms equipped with two twin or one king sized bed.  There’s air conditioning, hot water on demand, cold beer, and very good food.

It’s a great base from which to head out and explore the seemingly endless shoreline with your guides who are some of the most experienced on the island, and willing to push it as hard as the fishermen. To top it all off the lodge is located right where the boats are moored which prevents unnecessary driving time. Jacob operates fibreglass boats in two different sizes, allowing access to areas of the lagoon seldom reached.  The larger of the two sizes, sporting 300hp engines, have also opened up a whole part of the island that can now be accessed by boat rather than long drive across the island.

“Caught many two to four pound bonefish, great accommodation and will definitely return again in the future.”  H.H.J. Simpson

Stunning Lagoons & White Sand Flats

Christmas Island (Kiritimati) is a raised coral atoll hidden in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; it may be in the farthest forward time zone in the world (UTC+14) but to wade its waters you will feel frozen in time.

The atoll consists of many stunning lagoons, extensive clean white sand flats and coral drop offs; all of this and also incredibly stable weather patterns makes Christmas Island one of the ultimate year-round saltwater destinations.

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