Fraser River Lodge

Fly Fishing in Canada

Fraser River Lodge offers luxury adventure travel, guided fishing excursions, various group activities, gourmet dining and more from its private location in the Fraser Valley. From a fishing perspective the Fraser River is home to the great white sturgeon, a prehistoric fish that can grow in excess of 14ft and weight of over 1200lb. Aside from sturgeon, the lodge’s team of experienced guides can target all the Pacific salmon species in combination.


Fraser River Lodge, nestled on the shore of the mighty Fraser River in British Columbia, is the perfect location to spend a relaxing week’s holiday while being surrounded by some of the world’s best scenery and wildlife. Using the comfortable lodge as a base you can then choose and customise your itinerary between sturgeon, salmon, or wilderness fishing. Whether you are a fly or conventional tackle fisherman, single or double-handed, enjoy float or drift fishing, jigging, or walk and wade.

The sturgeon and salmon fishing in British Columbia is the best in the world, and some years, nowhere comes close to the sheer number of migrating salmon found in the Fraser River and its tributaries. Around the lodge, you will find the largest sturgeon population on the planet; with figures now exceeding 60,000. The primary fishing season is from July to October, and local salmon fishing from September to November.

A Variety of Accommodations

Fraser River Lodge offers a range of different room configurations of Deluxe or Executive (honeymoon) rooms. All rooms come with cable TV and free WiFi. All beds are set up with comfortable mattresses, Egyptian cotton sheets, down duvets, and various pillows. Outside each room are comfortable reading chairs and infrared heaters for the chilly days. With the lodge only being a short hour drive from Vancouver, it’s an ideal spot for both novice and expert anglers who want to fish for either salmon or sturgeon amid breathtaking surroundings.

Endless non-fishing options

The Fraser River lodge is not just for fishermen and can cater for families and non-fishers as well. There is a host of activities to enjoy, including snowmaggedon, axe throwing, clay pigeon shooting, archery, hiking and outdoor excursions.

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