Stora Laxa


The Stóra Laxa has long had a reputation for its run of large multi-sea winter fish amid some of the most spectacular scenery in Iceland. The river itself is 150km east of Reykjavik, is 90km long and flows from Lake Grænavatn down to the glacial river of Hvítá.  It is a medium-sized river that winds its way down through spectacular canyons from the Highlands before opening up on the lower beats into gorgeous open meadows.

Double handed fishing for multi sea winter salmon

The fishing is split into four beats and is fished with ten rods and is ideal for double handed fishing. The salmon that run the Stóra Laxa are not only big, they are exceptionally hard fighters as they have to ascend steep gradients to their spawning grounds. The season for Stóra Laxa is 30th June to the 30th September with prime time considered the beginning of July, when the big fish start, until mid-August.

Beats I & II are the lowest two beats on the river and take four rods. Many of the most renowned pools on the river are on these beats.  Access is very good and most pools are easily reached by vehicle. The boundaries are from the convergence of Litla Laxá (Little Laxá) on the east bank, and the boundary of the property Iða on the west bank and up to (and including) the Rauðuskriður pool.

Beat III is the middle section of Stóra Laxá. It holds two rods comfortably and has plenty of space for each angler. It has a huge variety of fishing from rocky canyon pools to pools with lower banks and calm water. Well known pools such as Heljarþrem and Sveinssker are found on this beat. The boundaries are from (and including) the pool Sveinssker and up to (and including) the pool Undirgangur.

Beat IV is the upper most beat of Stóra Laxá and is probably the most beautiful, and the most challenging, beat of the whole river. Here the river flows through rocky canyons as well as meandering through the plains. You will find calm pools as well as fast flowing ones, where the fly skates quickly past the salmon – agitating them beyond belief. Some of the pools in the canyons require tough walking and you will need to be in fair shape to be able to fully enjoy it. The rewards are huge as you cast your fly into gin-clear water in these canyons, often being able to spot your quarry from a high position. Hooking and landing fish in these canyons will certainly test your skill and is not for the faint hearted. This beat is ideal for the fit adventurous angler who can appreciate some exceptionally beautiful landscape. The boundaries are from (and including) the Bláhylur pool and up to (and including) the Ármót pool, where the river Skillandsá converges with Stóra Laxá. 

Pristine Icelandic Accommodations

The new leaseholder is dispensing with the series of self-catering cottages and replacing them with a brand new multi million-pound full service lodge which is already under construction. With this welcome addition the river will almost certainly become one of Iceland’s top big fish rivers. In the interim the accommodation will be run from a refitted charming lodge overlooking the river. The main lodge has four en-suite rooms in the main building and then four private cabins, perfect for single fishermen or couples. 

Amazing fishing amidst spectacular scenary

Stora Laxa is located on the south coast approximately 150km from Reykjavik.

Road transfers are usually included from either Keflavik airport (3 1/2 hours) or Reykjavik (3 hours).

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