River Dever – Chalkstream Fly Fishing

A small and unique chalkstream

Chalkstream fly fishing on the River Dever offers the ultimate clear water sight fishing opportunities with both dry fly and nymph. It is one of the major River Test tributaries, rising near West Stratton and flowing for nearly 10 miles before joining the main river between Wherwell and Barton Stacey.  This crystal clear stream was a favourite of F.M.Halford, and continues to be a favourite of us to this day.

Intricate clear water fishing for wild trout

Unlike many of the chalkstreams of Hampshire the River Dever initially runs west before turning south across Bransbury Common. The whole of the Common is a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which is formed of two areas. The Common itself and disused water meadows through which the Dever flows.

The rich soil of the Common is peat over gravel while the water meadows are on a heavier soil. Together the areas support a wide variety of meadow grassland, grass/sedge communities and chalkstream flora and fauna. It is a combination probably unparalleled in southern England.

The river has good hatches of the main groups of upwinged flies and in recent years Grannom have reportedly made a reappearance. The river holds a good head of wild fish but in places it is stocked with brown trout.

With demand for chalkstream grayling fly fishing ever growing, we invite you to try one of the finest winter sight fishing rivers available. The River Dever is perfectly suited for day rods and guided trips for those ready to brave the cold. The season is open 1st November to 28th February.


Like the River Test, fly fishing on the River Dever is in easy reach of London and many other main towns in the south of England. Whether you drive, fly or get the train it will not take long to reach the fishing.

For those looking for longer stays in the area, we can combine the River Dever with other chalkstream fly fishing options in the area. There are numerous accommodation options suitable for all types of stay, from small B&Bs to full Country House Hotels.

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