Eleven Martin Pescador Lodges, Chile

Multi-lodge adventure offering some of Chile’s finest fly fishing

Eleven Martin Pescador Lodge is actually composed of two lodges strategically located in two distinct world-class watersheds. Anglers will fish from both lodges: Rio Yelcho Lodge, in the Rio and Lago Yelcho basin, and Rio Rosselot Lodge on the banks of Rio Rosselot. This seven day multi-lodge adventure spans an assortment of fisheries in the Los Lagos region of Chile.  The combination of destinations allows anglers to see more of the region and use a variety of fishing techniques. 

Diverse trout fishing surrounded by amazing rivers and lakes 

From Martin Pescador’s Rio Yelcho Lodge, anglers usually fish both ends of Lake Yelcho. Near the lodge, at the outlet, there is a combination of both lake and river fishing. The lake fishing includes dry dragonfly, dragonfly nymph and streamer fishing.  The river below the outlet, right in front of the lodge, offers superb sight fishing, with the guides searching for trout in eddies rising to a variety of aquatic and terrestrial insects.  Rio Yelcho has miles of great streamer water, and on any given day, a blue wing olive hatch can begin and bring all the trout to the surface. At the other end of the Lago Yelcho, anglers fish the lower Futalefú River where it enters the lake. This is big fish country and famous for dragonfly fishing mid-summer.  This area also sees some migrating baby salmon that help put pounds on the trout.  All the while you are surrounded by some of the finest scenery in Chile.

At Martin Pescador’s Rio Rosselot Lodge anglers will find wilderness-framed rivers bordered by never ending forests, interspersed with rapids, boulder gardens and emerald green pools. These waters are rich with mayflies, caddis flies and stoneflies. Many anglers fish only with dry flies but streamer fishing is also excellent as is a dry dropper rig. The wild rainbows here average 16 to 19 inches with large fish caught fairly regularly. Large whitewater cata-rafts negotiate the rapids and provide a roomy casting platform. There are several wilderness rivers to choose from with drive times ranging from zero (starting at the lodge) to half an hour.  

The local and North American guides have fished and guided these waters for years. They consider the weather, fish migration, water levels, hatches and much more to make every day the best possible. Each location as its own watercraft needs and anglers will find jet boats, hybrid power drifters, lake boats, fly fishing rafts and cata-rafts customised for each body of water. 

Two riverfront lodges strategically located for excellent rainbow and brown trout 

Rio Yelcho Lodge comprises five en-suite private cabins configured for two twins or kind bed. Each with wood burning stoves and outdoor decks. The main lodge houses a central gathering space, with a deck, where meals and cocktails are served. There is also a hot tub and sauna.  Rio Rosselot is a five room lodge configured for twins or king bed.  Each en-suite bedroom has river views, terrace seating on a wraparound deck with breathtaking views of the Melimoyu Volcano and neighbouring valley farms. The main area comprises ample living room with confirmable couches, a wood burning stove and fully stocked bar. Facilities are completed with hot tub and outdoor fire pit. 

Cuisine at both lodges is superb with a delicious spread of local ingredients served three meals a day. The wine is, of course, standout . A favourite at both lodges is an Asado – a Chilean-style barbeque of smoked meats, a light-strung ambience, music and dancing. An unforgettable night!

At the heart of an extensive assortment of fisheries 

There are various options for access, all of which start at Santiago.  The charter route involves caching a private charter to Chaitén airfield from Santiago which is around two and three quarter hours. It’s a one hour drive to Rio Yelcho Lodge from here. If using commercial flights guests need to get to Puerto Montt from where onward travel will be arranged. 

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