Fly Fishing in Gin Clear waters

The Upper Laxá I Adaldal River in Iceland has some of the finest wild brown trout fly fishing Europe. The Myvatnssveit beats offer a beautiful braided section of river stretching over 14km. Anglers can experience these crisp waters and fly fish for large brown trout using small flies.

test your tackle and skill

The upper section at Myvatnssveit is wonderfully braided with fast runs, pocket water and crystal clear water. Pools for the most part are grass banked, wide, and with a relatively even bottom. There are the intermittent lava shelves that drop away, hidden from someone reading the surface in turn creating some excellent lies.

The river is deceptively clear as the bottom in most areas is black laval sand giving the impression of depth and murkiness which is extremely misleading. Therefore small flies are often extremely effective, and caution should be employed when approaching pools. As these fish live in fast, powerful water they are extremely strong, and hooking one will test your tackle and skill.

Some Icelanders fish with streamers, but upstream dry fly and nymph tactics are considerably more effective. Although there are none of our normal variety of biting mosquitoes in Iceland there are a number of other chronomids that the trout feed on readily. As the brown trout in the Laxá I Adaldal have only a few short months of the Icelandic summer to feed as much as possible, they really feed hard below or above the surface. I would hasten to add this does not make them stupid, but by matching the hatch you have a good chance of experiencing some of the best trout fishing in Europe.

Simple Comforts

Myvatnssveit is serviced from Hof Lodge which is simple and comfortable. The lodge has 16 rooms and although fairly basic it provides full board and lodging. The lodge is right in the midst of the beats at Myvatnssveit providing easy access and a perfect location to rest at the end of each day spent on the river.

“I caught 38 fish in three days with the largest just under 8lb, almost entirely on tiny upstream nymphs and dries. I have never experienced anything like it!”  A.T. – UK

the Laxardal and Myvatnssveit rivers

These two rivers are above the famous salmon beats of the Laxá I Adaldal on the north coast of Iceland. The lodge is situated a one hour drive east of Akureyri and 40 minutes’ drive south of Húsavík.

Day trips are possible to the whale watching town of Húsavík, Lake Myvatn and Godafoss waterfalls.

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