Salvelinus, Spain

Variety of water and spectacular scenery, food and wine

The Pyrenees mountain range in North East Spain act as a natural border with France. Leafy valleys and picturesque towns and villages are found throughout this region. A meeting point for a variety of cultures, countless treasures await discovery including some brilliant river and lake fishing. Salvelinus have been exploring and operating in this area for nearly 20 years and offer unrivaled knowledge of the fishery.

Variety of water and diverse range of species

Once the choice of Ernest Hemingway, there are over 1,800 miles of rivers and streams in this area of Spain that can offer a wonderful range of fishing. The fishing is split between the bubbling mountain streams, the pool-riffle mid river and the slower deeper lower river sections. If this wasn’t enough fishing there is also a choice of Ibons, high mountain glacial lakes that are accessible by hike trips or helicopter.

The main target species here are brown trout. The Pyrenees is also one of the few places where zebra trout (a brown trout with barred markings down its side) can be targeted. In the lower sections of the rivers fish as large as 30 inches have been caught on fly. Most of the fishing during the summer months is done using dry fly patterns including mayflies, caddis and terrestrials.

Throughout the season you can also target stretches where there are wild rainbow trout that feed and fight aggressively. Some of the higher altitude cooler sections are the perfect habitat for brook trout with large ones found in the highest Ibons. The powerful European barbel is increasingly popular to catch on the fly, they can be found in good numbers in the lower sections of these rivers. The fishing in Spain is for those who enjoy using light equipment and the tough contest between fish and fisher.

Authentic and high quality accommodation and cuisine

The Salvelinus operation offers a wide range of accommodation beginning with two main lodges, each centrally located in its region to provide the best access to outstanding fishing. The La Jacetania Lodge, a 15th-century stone built fishing lodge on the banks of the Aragón River in the quaint village of Santa Cilia in the western Pyrenees. The La Ribagorza Lodge, a charming traditional inn in the Pyrenees with superb local cuisine serves as the main base of operations in the eastern Pyrenees.

Both are well equipped with comfortable rooms, outstanding new and traditional Spanish cuisine, and complemented select Rioja and Pyrenees wines.

There are also a range of accommodation options in close proximity to fishing hotspots along the extensive Pyrenees of northern Spain, in Navarre, Aragon and Catalonia regions, and in the small independent country of Andorre.

All of the accommodations provide Mediterranean cuisine with traditional Spanish dishes as well as a selection of Spanish wines.

Readily accessible mountain paradise

The Pyrenees Mountains form a natural frontier between France and Spain, separating the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of continental Europe.

In spite of being an area of rugged valleys the area is readily accessible through the International Airport at Barcelona and the high speed rail links.

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