Buryat Headwaters Expedition


The Buryat Headwaters Expedition offers fly fishing on the upper third of one of Mongolia’s finest taimen rivers.  It is  a wonderfully unique opportunity for small groups to have nearly 100km of taimen water to themselves for a week. 

One of the healthiest taimen rivers on the planet

Mongolia River Outfitters is Mongolia’s only drift-boat operation. All anglers fish from ClackaCraft drift boats which provide stable fishing platforms. They have cosy seats, solid casting braces, full-length rod tubes, and plenty of dry storage for your gear. These drift boats allow you to fish the river quietly, efficiently, and comfortably.

Each day’s float covers 10 to 15 miles (16 to 24km) of water, with a midday break for a shore lunch. The guides have fished this river for many years and will put you in the best position to present the fly. It’s quite an experience: standing tall in a drift boat while casting to a feeding taimen.

The river is the first in Mongolia to be legally designated as catch and release, fly fishing only, for international anglers. All guests practice catch and release fly fishing using single, barbless hooks. Thanks to the protection efforts we believe it has one of the world’s healthiest taimen populations. Whilst the camp safely catch and release hundreds of fish a season, taimen fishing is not easy. These fish are big, old, and smart. Sometimes the river rewards with a double digit day, and other times the fish can get very finicky.

Taimen are the ultimate trout… easily the world’s largest. They are beautiful, with stunning colouration and vibrant red tails. Mongolian taimen can live for at least 50 years and reach 60 inches in length. Adult taimen caught on the fly typically measure between 30 and 40 inches. Anything over 40 inches is considered trophy class. Each season several fish over 50 inches are caught and landed on the river.

The fishing on the Buryat Headwaters Expedition is not limited to just taimen.  There is excellent dry fly and nymph fishing for Amur trout, lenok and grayling.  There are also aggressive Amur pike that will happily engulf a taimen fly and good sized asp that like to sit in eddies and back waters of the main flow.

Luxury in the wilderness 

Accommodation on the Buryat Headwaters Expedition is in a well-appointed tipi camps. Much like an African tented safari, the camps are rustic but very comfortable. Each campsite along the river is uniquely peaceful, designed to reflect Mongolian traditions and integrate with the countryside’s natural surroundings.

Each Nordic tipi accommodates two beds and offers plenty of room to stand inside. Breakfast and dinner are served in a spacious wall-tent with a wood-burning stove. The camps reflect Mongolian traditions in the spectacular valley where Genghis Khan was born. There are no generators or stereos, only the sounds of water over stones and wind in the trees, and only the lights of candles and stars.

The camp cooks are true professionals. Meals are designed for Western tastes, with big breakfasts, hot lunches, and multi-course dinners with fresh fruit and vegetables. All camp drinks are included in the trip.

The Mongolian Steppe 

The river is in the Khövsgöl region of northern Mongolia. It is a beautiful area characterised by the river flowing down from the mountains.

Interacting with traditional Mongolian herders is unique part of this angling experience. The few families who live in the area year round help to guard and protect the river, furthermore these families provide many of the camp staff who help make these trips run smoothly.

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