Xingu River, Brazil

Fly fishing in Brazil

The Xingu River is the best payara destination on the planet. Located inside the Kayapo native land, the river is an amazing environment with lots of runs, rapids and pools with very consistent payara fishing. As well as payara there are more than ten species that you can target on the fly such as peacock bass, wolfish, matrincha, pacu, bicuda, surubí, and more.


The waters of the Xingu and Iriri are impressively clear because they drain ancient Brazilian shield granite, in contrast to most large Amazon rivers which are laden with sediment, and anglers can target various species using different techniques all in the same stretch of river. Payara, one of the ultimate jungle predators, are known largely for their sizable teeth and aggressive behaviour and in Xingu are known to reach more than 20 pounds. Rio Xingu’s clear waters are ideal for fly anglers.

The “Butire” as it is known in the Kayapo language and means the River King – is a protected clear waters fly fishing and conventional fishing paradise – ideal for anglers who want to target payara with a range of techniques and also target additional amazing jungle species such as peacock bass, wolf fish, bicuda, matrinchas, red tail catfish and more.

Anglers can access a wide variety of waters, from runs, rapids, deep pools, flats, jungle creeks from our specially desgned aluminum skiffs with the assistance of one experienced English speaking professional guide and the ancient knowledge of the Kayapos native guides together. That brings to the Xingu a superior fishing experience.

The fishing season runs during the dry season from late May through late November, with peak fishing from September to November. The dry season is characterized by lack of rain, low water levels, and clear water that allows for great fishing throughout the entire river system, including its numerous tributaries. The Xingu Project season will target the lowest water months when Payara fishing is best. Payara prefer the deepest parts of the river bed; at other times of high water, the fish spread into the flooded forest and became difficult to find.

Riverside Lodge

The Xingu Lodge accommodations will be in comfortable rooms with spring box beds, bathroom, hot water, electricity and satellite Wi-Fi internet.

The camp is located on the bank of the Xingu river looking out over a gorgeous rapid and home pool. Every evening guests will be delighted by Untamed Angling chef’s delicious gourmet cuisine in a dining room.

Unspoiled and protected Amazon forest

Xingu River is located some three hours flight time South-East of Manaus, Brazil and is a tributary of the mighty Amazon. The location and river is unique in that it offers clear water in an otherwise sediment heavy system.

The river is located within the Mekragnoti Indigenous Territory; an area of some 5 million hectares of pure, unspoiled and protected Amazon forest. Just 700 Indians live within this enormous area, being one of the most isolated tropical jungles on earth.

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